The healthy or unhealthy lifestyle which you are carrying on has a lot do with the level of your immune system. Our immunity shows the capability of our body to fight against the ailing odds. So, it is mandatory to keep our immunity power intact and hearty.

The exercises which we do to keep our immunity to keep it going should be moderate than indurate. Hence, we can always enhance our immunity through these exercises:


Sit on your knees, inhale and raise your arms above the head, keeping them straight along with the straight spines. Hold your breath for 30 seconds and exhale while bending forward holding your arms and head straight in line with your trunk. Stay in this position for a few seconds. This yoga is one of the most dynamic asanas to strengthen the immunity of a person.

Who thought it would be so easy to strengthen your immunity
Who thought it would be so easy to strengthen your immunity


Sit with the straight-up back alongside relaxing your leg in a comfortable position. Now, fold both of your legs in a padmasana position. Take the right palm back and make a fist, now hold your right wrist with the left hand, now inhale and bent forward. Cling in that for a few seconds, and you are there. This yoga Asana not only intensifies your immunity but will make your body more flexible and ensures the inner peace.

Yogamudrasana makes one's body flexible besides fighting with the ailments.
Yogamudrasana makes one’s body flexible besides fighting with the ailments.


Rest on your forearms and keep your legs straight, and slightly apart. Now form a straight line with your body. Make sure your elbows are in a straight line with your shoulder. Focus on your trunk and try to contract the muscle of your torso intentionally. Stay in the position for at least 15 seconds.

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If you are a beginner, you mustn’t try to do this exercise for minutes, start with the small seconds for the first few weeks. This exercise makes your muscles strong, reduces the excess fats in your body making you feel lighter and build up your immunity vigorously.

Few seconds of plank per day does wonder to one's muscles, weights and immunity.
Few seconds of plank per day does wonder to one’s muscles, weights and immunity.


Cycling is beneficial for your immune system. It strengthens your immune system, and also could treat some form of cancers. Cycling is good to boost up one’s longevity and lifespan as it is an excellent way to increase your endurance.

Cycling is not just a vehicle, it could be your doctor too.
Cycling is not just a vehicle, it could be your doctor too.

Breathing deeply

How often do you breathe is not even a question to ask, but how often do you pay attention to the way you breathe is a big question. The different exercises involve just breathing like Anulom Vilom where you inhale from one side of the nose closing the other nostrils and exhale from the other one holding the other one and Bhastrika Pranayama. The research shows that those who breathe deeply or does the yoga Asana or meditation that focuses on deep breathing are less likely to get spotted by ailments.

Breathing deeply
Breathing deeply

Acupressure points

There are few names of these acupressure points, and they are stomach 36, the point just below your knee cap and outside of the tibia. The other one is Large Intestine 11, the point when you bend your arm and the crease that is visible; the outside end of the crease is the spot where you need to apply the pressure.

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Similarly, there are other acupressure points like Lung 7, Spleen 6 and so on. If you use all these techniques simultaneously, then it prevents you from flu, cold, pneumonia strengthening the immune system.

 Sometimes medicines lies within us, just press the right point
Sometimes medicines lie within us, just press the right point


One of the most productive weapons to combat the illness is running or jogging. The toxins, germs, and bacteria are filtered and cleared from the body through running. One could do this outdoors in a park or early in the morning in the fresh air or could do indoor over treadmills. One shouldn’t do the aggressive jogging in the start itself, make it a routine, begin with, baby footsteps and increase the speed accordingly.

Start running and stop basking
Start running and stop basking


“Dance as if nobody is watching.” True that! All the fitness center offers some form of dance whether a Zumba class or gym. Dancing, in fact, is very energizing and fanatical, unlike the other tedious exercises. Dancing release the “feel good” endorphins into the bloodstream which is helpful in resisting the depression and stress. It is not just made for the professionals but is used as therapy mechanisms too.

 Dance out your ailments.
Dance out your ailments.


Regular and balanced cardio increases immunoglobulin, which considerably is a dominant component in preventing disease. Moderate cardiovascular exercise can boost your immune system as it has ostensibly numerous health benefits. It protects and prevents one from the heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Not only that, but it also cures the many psychological hazards.

Enjoy the cardio, enjoy your life
Enjoy the cardio, enjoy your life


Most of the experts claim that swimming is much beneficial than hitting the gym every day. Besides, the fun embroiled in swimming there are healthy benefits attached with it too. Those who swim are least likely to get prone to hypertension and anxiety besides; it does give a good shape to your body. Swimming ensures a positive effect on the lymphatic system, which distributes healthy white blood cells throughout the body resulting in increased immunity against all the odds and syndromes. It also helps in avoiding the asthmatic symptoms.

Water indeed is a stress booster
Water indeed is a stress booster

From child to an adult, everyone who keeps moving their body through running or playing basketballs, badminton, volleyball, football or performs any outdoor activities which help in releasing sweats from the body are least like to get caught by ailments or ill-health. It is always a wise thing to execute the bearable and neutral exercise instead of going for the severe and intense ones to keep your immune system robust.

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Concerning various articles and research, the doctors and professional claims, sitting in one position invariably or not moving your body enough is as dangerous as the health of those who smoke.

Apart from the exercises, the unhealthy dietary practices, overexposure to pollution and dehydration are some of the points which should be taken into the considerate to keep the immune system working happily. Only 20 minutes of time allocation for the mild and moderate workout could make a significant difference in your immunity.