Competition of fitness business is going on and on. The majority of business consists of personal training where rest consists of another type of training .i.e. 44.6 % of their income is generating in personal training. Nowadays, people want to be fit.

The majority of men will go to the gym for fitness and women go to the fitness center for Zumba and another type of training to keep their body fit. Fitness enables you to keep your body fit and release positive energy in your body. Here we present you 2017 top fitness trends.

1. Yoga

Previously, yoga was only one of the exercises done by people. It enables you to set your mental concentration, helps to stretch and strengthen your muscles which are essential for your body movements and contributes to creating positivity in your mind. By doing yoga, you start to enjoy your life fully.

A person doing yoga on a beach.

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Yoga is important for those people who want to gain energy and lose their weight. You don’t need any equipment for yoga just buy a mat.  You can practice different types of yoga at home by using the internet. Do some classes at home. While doing yoga, wear something loose and comfortable clothes. Go to beginner yoga classes and enjoy them. Focus on how you feel.

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One type of style is not enough for yoga. Try different styles of yoga like Raja yoga (for meditation, Concentration), Karma yoga (focuses on action), Jnana yoga (focuses on knowledge), Mantra yoga (focuses on vibrating with universe), Restorative yoga (focuses to remove stress by taking nap) and Vinyasa (focuses on stretching your body flowing from one position to other.

2. Exercise and weight loss

Lots of people travel and have their hectic schedules. During that moment, people eat lots of foods and gain their weight. But don’t worry fitness helps you to lose your weight by performing different exercises. If you want to lose your weight, running is the best way to burning calories and fat. Running shoes should be comfortable to keep your feet firm.

Exercise keeps your body fit and healthy
Exercise keeps your body fit and healthy

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Prepare a schedule for your diet. Eat food which contains nutrients. You can also do squads to keep your body fit. When you are having a dinner or lunch, have a bigger size cup of water keeps your belly fuller. One of the tips to lose weight has a mixture of honey and powder of black chilies helps to burn calories.

3. Strength Training

This type of training is for both men and women. We need muscle in our body to function. Try to learn different techniques to keep your body fit. There are various manipulations for strong muscles and muscle building. Get your body to lift more weight. You need to do warm up before you start strength training.

strength training help to stretch your muscles
strength training help to stretch your muscles

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Take your time to prepare for work out. Get your time from 10 to 15 minutes for a bike at a moderate pace. Keep a record of your weight to know about your progress and achievements. Eat food which contains nutrition. Maintain a record of how much calories you burn?

4. HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is the best fitness trend for burning fat from our body. This type of training is for running and exercise such as squatting. It is more effective than cardio due to higher intensity, and you will be able to burn more fat.

High Intensity Interval Training
High-Intensity Interval Training

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This type of training helps to build more confidence. It burns calories and fat in a shorter period and also contributes to boosting metabolism. No equipment is necessary for this type of training. It is good for health, especially for heart disease. You can choose your workouts.

5. Body weight training

This type of training is useful for building muscles. Types of body weight training are push-ups, squads, and pull-ups. You don’t need any types of equipment for this training. You should have the right education for this training. It is the best exercise which able to lift heavy weights. For weight lifting, they have sets and reps.

Best exercise to lift heavyweight
Best exercise to lift heavyweight

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There is no freestyle in this type of training. Pick your exercise performs sets and reps and adds intensity. One set is not enough to build muscles. You need to do three sets of 10 reps.

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Fitness is necessary not only for youngsters but also for old aged people too. You need to suggest professionals for old aged people. Personal training is essential for those individuals who do not have motivation in their life. Fitness is important to boost immunity power. From your hectic schedule, take your half an hour time for exercises, Eat healthy foods are the best mantras for fitness.

[Updated: As of 2022, not much in the fitness sector has changes expect for few more trend s has been added to it such as: Intermediate fasting, Keto diet, Veganism etc.]