We live with our skin 24*7, contemplating it to be the only thing covering our bones and tissues. We tend to take care of it with the intention of making it look appealing and healthy from outside. But it is not only there to make you look beautiful and to mask the cartilage inside, but has profound facts and stories of its own. Our skin hides various secrets which most of us humans are not aware of, but individually have full rights to be informed about.

How much do you know about the sun damaged skin?

Caption: There is much to know about the sunburn.

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We love the beach, don’t we? To most of us getting exposed to the sun in seashore is a dream. We typically tend to ignore the aftermath our skin has to face being bare throughout a day in the sunlight, and even if we do, we only think about wearing sunscreen and staying protected. But, do we know that after having sunburn, it is not our skin cells which are damaged, interestingly, it is our skin cell’s DNA damaged which kills itself to protect us from cancer.

Is having hot shower good for your skin?

Hot shower

Caption: The Hot shower is good only if you come out of it at the right time.

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If it is cold, that is freezing, and you decided to take a hot shower now it is good to take a shower but is it a winning idea to stay there for a long time? If you already have dry skin, then this could be a curse to you like the hot water softens and relents even the natural oils from your skin to make it easily washable which does nothing except drying up and causing skin irritation. So next time, think about all the cons you might have to stay with forever just for attaining the temporary pleasure by placing yourself in a hot shower for longer.

Do babies get acne?

Caption: Aw! even these cute munchkins suffers from acne.

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And we thought only the adult skin goes through such issues. So, are we supposed to take it as the fact that a baby’s skin is not baby skin, but they are already hitting pubescent? No, baby’s skins are susceptible to baby acne and rashes. It is because a newborn tends to take in some maternal hormones until the placenta disassociates on its own. It will go away from the baby’s skin by itself, so parents need not to panic and should not try hard on clutching and squeezing the acne.

What decides the color of your skin?


Caption: Melanin decides what color your skin should have.

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Why is it that, each one of us has a distinct skin color? People complain a lot about having particular complexion. Some love having fair skin tone while some allure to have medium to dark undertone. To each their own, it entirely depends upon the capacity of our body producing melanin. The growth of melanin happens in the external layer of our skin i.e. called epidermis. Though the extent of cells generating melanin is the same for everyone, but the production of melanin varies from person to person. If a particular area of your skin has more melanin, then that part of your skin happens to be darker than other regions.

Is it dirt that causes acne or something else?

Caption: oops! Now you knew what caused it, you can work on it.

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One of the misconceptions among people is that the only responsible factor to cause acne is dust and dirt. It is partly right, but it does not take much time to heal whereas, menstruation and pregnancy aggravate the acne or the pimples we want to get rid of by any means.

The reason for it is fluctuating hormone levels, humid climates, sweating, intake of certain medicines and mostly because of the allergic reaction caused by certain cosmetic products. So, pollution is not the only culprit to blame for that stubborn acne.

Skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body also it is liable in regulating our body temperature. In our day to day lives, we often tend to ignore, how does certain strange transformation takes place in our skin and start panicking about it. There are many fine points or details about our skin and the explication lies in it only.

Our skin is just like a baby, the more you pamper it and shower affection, the more it will stay happy and healthy. The skin we live in become our identity to people we meet and greet. Most of the times men and women scorn to take care of their skin, but your skin is like the house you live in if you want to make it look neat, tidy and beautiful, you must have to give proper attention towards its well-being.