It might not be wrong to say that most people have sleeping problems in this era. Due to the rapid growth of population and newer scientific inventions, human lifestyle is changing. So, are you in trouble due to problems related to sleep?

If you are one of the victims who cannot sleep well at night, you just stepped into the right place. Find out the tips to get the best possible sleep.

Tips for Getting Sound Sleep

Light’s off and I’m all set to call it a night. On a beep, a tweet pops up that says “I am an insomniac….”A strange word for my liking. With utter curiosity, I decided to Google it. “A person who is regularly unable to sleep” is what I get. It took me no time to realize that’s me. Just that I could not find the right word all these while.

Keep Calm and Have a Sound Sleep
Keep Calm and Have a Sound Sleep.  Photo Credit: KeepCalmAndPosters

The word insomniac just does not go away. Suddenly, my mind goes back to the moment when my 5th grade Science teacher said: “lack of sleep is the root of all problems.” Then I could relate to what I was in for. After that, the clock struck 12 and my sleep was long gone. How fitting it was, I was in insomnia searching about insomnia. It would be fair to say too much of insomnia in one night, altogether a humorous situation.

Humorous situation by Insomnia
Humorous situation by Insomnia. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Then to my astonishment insomnia statistics by The Better Sleep Guide, 2017 show that people today sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago with more than 30% suffering from insomnia. What I also did not know were about 20 million people in the USA depended on sleep aids to have a sound sleep and half of the Americans are sleepless because of stress and anxiety.

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Moreover, what is even worse is women are twice as likely to experience insomnia compared to men as mentioned in the guide. Now, what’s more, interesting is that 90% of the people who suffer from depression also suffer from insomnia.

sound sleep for better health
sound sleep for better health. Photo Credit: www.the Hans India

It just got me started. I’d found the disease and its cure too. Maintaining a proper sleeping habit is a nice way to start. Like they say early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Now, at work, I heard someone say don’t choose a job to choose a boss.

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Likewise, choose the right kind of pillow to get the right kind of sleep, the softer the better. As a result, you need not look for any further or try any pills. Then again, not just how where you sleep also matter. So, choose a room wisely, to get a sound sleep. Perhaps, something brighter and pleasing to the heart and mind.

Caption: Best Tips To Have Deep and Sound Sleep. 

However, what you do not compromise on is the food. If you eat healthily, you sleep healthy & if u sleeps healthy you live a healthy life and strictly & avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Finally, do not