Holly Hallstrom is an American actress who came on the limelight after her appearance in the TV series The Price Is Right.

Not only for the show, The Price is Right, the actress, Holly Hallstrom is also famous for her legal battle with the American TV host, Bob Barker. What actually happened? Why did she start the legal war? Let’s get to know all about it. Also, find out how much she earned throughout her career.

Holly Hallstrom: Departure & Decade-long Court Battle 

In 1995, September Bob Barker abruptly dismissed Holly Hallstrom from The Price is Right. The reason? Weight Gain!

Just for gaining weight, she had to leave the show. Later, it was revealed that Hallstrom only gained 14 pounds (6.4kg) due to a medication she was consuming.

Though Holly had already revealed the reason for her dismissal, she again told the court that it was not the actual reason. What was the actual reason then?

YouTube: Let’s look at a Price Is Right video of Holly Hallstrom before getting to serious business

Well, Barker, at that time, was in a legal battle with an ex-model, Dian Parkinson, who departed from the show in June 1993. So, when Hallstrom refused to support Barker, he fired her. At least, that’s what she said!

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Holly Hallstrom stated that Bob ordered her to make appearances on various talk shows and interviews and say that Dian was lying to recall certain events differently.

After Holly was dismissed from the series, host Bob Barker’s mail was bombarded with a tremendous and overwhelming amount of angry emails sent by Holly’s fans.

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Start of the Court Battle!

Bob Barker sued Holly Hallstrom for the angry emails, referring to libel and slander. However, just 48 hours before the start of the trial, he dropped the case.

For such behavior, Holly got the upper hand on the suit. And, later, the court ordered Bob to pay her the legal fees incurred.

However, after that, Holly Hallstrom countersued Bob for wrongful termination and malicious prosecution. The suit also filled in for age, weight, and medical discrimination.

Holly spent all of her savings and resources on this battle. She sold her house and lived out in her car. But she further stated:

I refused to give up and let that evil old bastard win.’

In 1997, she transferred to Utah where she found seasonal work at a local ski resort, but the court battles continued. And finally, after 10 long years of battling in the courts, Holly won this case.

The parties battled the legal battle for a decade before coming to a stop. In October 2005, Barker paid multi-million dollars as a settlement to Holly Hallstrom with a hush clause forbidding her to talk about Barker to the media.

 Youtube; Holly Hallstrom, Come On Down! You won your lawsuit!

Later, Hallstrom settled for a lesser amount from Barker with a right to talk anything about him to any form of media.

Following the testimonies of Janice Pennington, Kathleen Bradley, Linda Rieger, Sherrill Paris, and Paul Alter in the lawsuit, all of them lost their jobs. However, they received an out of court financial settlements from Bob Barker.

Holly Hallstrom’s Net Worth and Career

Holly Hallstrom enjoys a multimillion-dollar fortune at the moment. As of 2019, she has a total estimated net worth of $10 million.

She earned her worth from several TV series such as The Tomorrow Man(1996), The Nutte House(1989), and Galaxy Beat(1994). From such shows, she earned a handsome amount of salary.

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In October 2005, she received a multi-million dollar settlement from her battle with Bob further increasing her net value. Through that money, Holly, who had sold her house for the legal battle, bought a house for herself in her native land, San Antonio, Texas.

Memorable Bloopers & Mishaps on The Price is Right

Holly Hallstrom first appeared on the series  The Price is Right on January 3, 1977, after a string of appearances with other guest models. Furthermore, she was officially hired as the newest Barker’s Beauty later on.

On October 16, 1981 episode, Holly suffered a wardrobe malfunction while dancing to Kool and the Gang’s Celebration. In this dance, her dress began to slip and she began to run behind the announcer Johnny Olson and Bob Barker, who stepped in front covering Hallstrom with his jacket.

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Another memorable blooper of Holly was in a February 1993 show where she was modeling a Jukebox. In this show, while dancing with a male mannequin her pants started to fall down as the audience exploded with laughter.

Injuries on Price is Right set

On December 10, 1992, Holly Hallstrom and her co-star, Kathleen Bradley both suffered severe injuries during a showcase skit. The oversized appliance started bending over onto to Hallstrom and Bradley as they frantically tried pushing it back.

In addition to this, Holly managed to jump out of the way but Kathleen got stuck and couldn’t move. And after some time, a stagehand came in order to rescue them.

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The two models went crashing as it hit the stage floor, shattering into a million pieces striking Kathleen and Holly in several parts of their bodies as they laid in severe pain.

When the accident took place, hostBob Barker did not know anything about it. But after the show,  one of the producers informed him. After one week, both of the injured ladies went home recovering from their injuries.

Who is Holly Hallstrom’s Husband? Her Personal Life and Boyfriend

The former American model, Holly Hallstrom is a single woman. She isn’t married to anyone to date. Besides, there are also no rumors of the couple dating anyone.

Holly Hallstrom posing for a photoshoot
Actress Holly Hallstrom

Source: priceisright.fandom

Are you guys wondering why she is still single? Well, Holly was too busy in making a name for herself, she had no time to make boyfriend in her young age. Now, she stays single with no intimate and committed relationships to talk about.

Holly Hallstrom’s Wiki-Bio

Holly Hallstrom was born on 24th August 1952 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She was raised with her parents and grew up with her siblings.

Actress, Holly Hallstrom
Holly Hallstrom

Source: alchetron

Holly attended a local school of San Antonio and completed her higher education. Furthermore, she joined the renowned University of Texas where she completed her graduation.