Actress Vanessa Villanueva ended her happy conjugal life with her husband Chris Perez after spending a pleasant seven years together in each other’s arms.

The incomparable joys of the once married couple may or may not be memorable for them nowadays, but the children they bore together will never let them erase their past.

What actually made Vanessa Villanueva file the case of divorce against her husband, Chris Perez? Was divorce the final solution of the supposed trouble of their relationship? What is the couple doing these days? Have both of them erased their past? What are their future relationship plans?

You will find this article informational if you are interested to know more about Vanessa Villanueva’s life aftermath the divorce with Chris Perez along with Vanessa Villanueva wiki bio, children, and her net worth as of 2017.

Vanessa Villanueva Ex-Husband Chris Perez And The Divorce Decision

Vanessa Villanueva had spent 10 years together with Chris Perez counting all the years before and after they were married. After spending a couple of years of dating, Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez joined their wedding knot in 2001. Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez gave birth to two children one son and one daughter.

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Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez happy married life, the birth of two children, their occasional smiling faces are seen on media were the bright sides visible. However, there were dark nights in their married life which lasted so long that they couldn’t see a good daybreak of their relationship.

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Caption: Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez married life ended with a sad divorce.

Documenting all her husband’s drinking and partying outside, Vanessa Villanueva filed a case of divorce against her husband Chris Perez.

Vanessa had also thought of dismissing the divorce file with an aim to work things out, but Chris Perez showed no signs of reformation; Vanessa evaluated. Eventually, the blissful married life of Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez ended with Vanessa Villanueva’s decision to divorce her husband Chris Perez. The court gave their verdict approving Vanessa’s divorce appeal requesting to free her from the irreconcilable relationship.

Vanessa Villanueva Children

Vanessa Villanueva’s life aftermath the divorce is all with her children. She takes care of the children she bore with Chris Perez. The son has the name Noah, and the daughter’s name is Cassie.

Vanessa Villanueva and husband Chris Perez kids, son Noah, and daughter Cassie
Vanessa Villanueva and husband Chris Perez kids, son Noah, and daughter Cassie

Vanessa Villanueva Life Aftermath the Divorce With Chris Perez

Chris Perez is said to have joined another musical band leaving the one Vanessa was also in. Chris Perez is quite shocked and probably with the thought of remaining away from his wife while Vanessa Villanueva feels more pained and remains hovered around her children.

Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth

Vanessa Villanueva’s net worth has started its count after she divorced Chris Perez. Her performance in Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns (2012) and Forgotten Memories (2015) has started contributing to her net worth.

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Vanessa Villanueva’s net worth is far less compared to her ex-husband Chris Perez’s millions of net worth. Chris Perez net worth as of 2017 is yet to be revealed officially.

As of 2019, Perez holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. 

Vanessa Villanueva Wiki Bio

Vanessa Villanueva is known for her role on Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns (2011) and the short TV series Forgotten Memories (2015). She was married to Chris Perez who used to be the band member of her own musical band on October 26, 2001.

But the married relationship couldn’t last long. They divorced in 2008 after they had already had two children: daughter Cassie Perez and son Noah Perez. She lives with her children nowadays taking good care of their health and education.