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Who is Carrie Henn Married To? Know Her Husband and Information of Their Children!

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We all love sci-fi movies, especially of Aliens. They give us cold creeps when they sound more like in real time. We are talking about Carrie Henn who performed the role of Newt in Alien series. She is the one who was able to win lots of fans around the world from that series. In this column, we will be disclosing who is Carrie Henn married to, along with her husband’s name and kids’ info.

Who is Carrie Henn Married To? Who is Her Husband?

According to the reports, Carrie Henn is a married woman who tied a knot in the year 2005, July. She married Nathan Kutcher, the former classmate in California State University. Five years after the graduation, the duo shared their life as married one.

It seems like they knew each other from long time, and also they might be in relationship for almost five years. The real time of their love life blooming has never been disclosed though.

Carrie Henn and Her Kids

If you are wondering if Carrie Henn has children or not, let us tell you there are two kids living together. We know that one is baby boy while other is baby girl, but we do not have much information of them. It is because Carrie put all information of her kids in one secret box and there is no information leaking out.

Carrie Henn’s Married Life

Like we said before, Carrie is too sensitive in her personal affairs, thus we merely and rarely get information of their married life. But, we have some scoop so we put that heading above. Nathan, who is Carrie’s husband, is professional rock climber and he has history of winning some major tournaments.

Carrie Henn and Nathan Kutcher

We surely know this one to be the dangerous sport ever. But, as he has Carrie by his side, he can do anything impossible. Once he mentioned:
‘She is not afraid, as if she seems more than just excited. When she shared this, I was pretty sure that I will win it for her no matter what.’

Nathan Kutcher Quick Bio

Nathan Kutcher

Nathan is well-known to world being Carrie Henn’s husband along with being one successful rock climber. He loves visiting some dangerous places all to climb the rocks and make world records. Apart from doing so, he has another career as estimator.