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Who is JoJo Fletcher Dating Now after Breakup with Her Ex-Boyfriend Chad Rookstool?

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I hope you have not forgotten the lady who was dumped by Ben Higgins in the sitcom named ‘The Bachelor!’ Her name is JoJo Fletcher who once dated Ben and also Chad Rookstool. For now, she is dating another guy after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Chad. Being a TV celebrity, she is successful in career as well as in keeping secrets, but we recently found a scoop. In this column, we will be discussing about JoJo Fletcher dating life and her current boyfriend’s name.

JoJo Fletcher’s Past Relationship with Chad Rookstool

If you do not know, let us tell you that this couple were together since the start of the show. But, JoJo felt Chad to be little problematic and began being farther from him. She began being interested on Ben Higgins. When something like this happened, Chad thought of JoJo and let her go. Exactly after three months of breakup, JoJo started seeing Ben.

JoJo Fletcher and Ben Higgins
JoJo Fletcher and Ben Higgins

JoJo and Ben were together for quite a moment when JoJo was able to know the true pain of being dumped. Ben dumped her in the show as he stepped up to propose Lauren Bushnell. As of current date, Lauren called of her wedding with Ben; E Online confirms.

JoJo Fletcher and Chad Rookstool
JoJo Fletcher and Chad Rookstool

Soon after being dumped, JoJo felt about Chad and then went back in previous relationship. The pair started being seen in different places together in cozy moments as well. Once she was seen right outside of Gym club along with Chad. It was the moment since when she is trying to hide her personal information from media. Chad and JoJo were struggling to be together but it was never meant to be.

Who is JoJo Fletcher Dating With?

JoJo is now in a secret box from where info leaks rarely. In any interviews and questinnaires, she passes the question on her personal matters. But, if you are concerning about her dating life, she is not dating anyone, instead she is already engaged.

Don’t you want to know who this lucky guy is? He is sports commentator of the US, Jordan Edward Rodgers. This news came to highlight when JoJo uploaded a picture with him in her instagram account. As indicated in US Magazine, JoJo and Jordan knew their engagement party out of surprise when their family members organized it.