This is 21st Century, everything is possible and everything is positive in today’s world. With the help of science and tech, people are able to reach far beyond earth and with the help of psychology; people tend to know each other better. Not just that, it has now been simple to get attracted towards same sex.

In this column today, we will be talking about Zuleikha Robinson, who is suspected to be lesbian as she frankly claimed not to have any interest on boys. Today we will be disclosing if Zuleikha Robinson married someone or is still single as well as the truth behind Lesbian rumors. Stay put!

Is Robinson Married? Or Is She Dating?

We have seen such an extreme love chemistry of Zuleikha with Naveen in the series named ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.’ But in her real life, she is quite quiet. She reveals her personal information in public rarely, so the data is not updated timely. But, is she married already? Let’s find out!

One Screen Couple Zuleikha Robinson and Naveen Andrews
One Screen Couple: Zuleikha Robinson and Naveen Andrews

Zuleikha never mentioned a word about hitching anyone. So, we can say for now that she is not married or engaged to anyone. But regarding her love life, we know something. Once she revealed about her previous breakup. Here is the statement:

‘I was in relationship, so wasn’t working for a while. After retiring from relationship, I gave one audition. But as I was far from such things, it was hard for me. I was devastated as I knew that wasn’t the place I wanted.’

She continued:

‘It was like a miracle, I felt blessed when producer called me.’

Zuleikha Robinson is Single
Zuleikha Robinson is Single!

There’s no one who can skip this situation in life. Zuleikha too couldn’t do a thing, but she had faith and let all things go. She might be in love with someone for now, but we do not have enough information of her personal affairs.

Is Zuleikha Robinson Lesbian?

Like Todd Chrisley, Zuleikha too fell into rumor of being LGBT. People speculate her to be lesbian when she tweeted something in her twitter account. Her friend Shanola tagged her and captioned Robinson to be her girl.

This tweet is just a flare, so we do not think her to be lesbian. As Robinson is close to crew members, we can say that she is friendly with opposite sex as well. Here is the tweet to prove the thing:

So, we do not think Zuleikha loves same sex, and also might be dating a man. Let’s hope she is straight and wish her better future. If you want to know more about her, get updated with us!