Reality shows are the reflection of daily lives chronicles, engaging television audiences in their routine struggles. Similarly, a spin-off reality show of Teen Mom called Young and Pregnant showcase the hassles of teen pregnancy and their firm tenacity to deal altogether.

If you are the regular watcher of reality show Young and Pregnant, you must be familiar with Brianna Jaramillo and her newly born baby. Do you know if Brianna Jaramillo married or who is Brianna Jaramillo husband?

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Let’s explore Brianna Jaramillo married life, husband, dating affairs, boyfriend, Teen Mom, TV shows, pregnancy, newly born baby and wiki-bio!

Is Brianna Jaramillo married?

In one of the interviews with the people, she confronted on her baby disability, father of the baby and up and down relationship with transgender boyfriend, Danae. Brianna Jaramillo tasted the pregnancy at the age of 17-years old.

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The biological father of the baby revealed to be one of her old friends and eventually, the pair separated when he knew about her unexpected pregnancy.

 brianna jaramilloage, wiki, birthday, instagram, teen mom, tv shows, pregnant, children, married, husband,
Danae (right with his mom Robin on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant

Image Credit; People

Danae, who is on the verge of transitioning into male from female, opened up on nurturing the baby disability.

“Me being trans, I can show him there is so much more to this world. “I feel like we are connected, like, way more because of his arm and me being trans,” Danae tells Brianna. “Like, I could help him and show him that…there’s so much more to this world than people who are judgy.”

But Danae had a hard time persuading the family on his sudden change from female to male. Danae’s mother was trying to cope with son’s decision and adapt slowly since it would be an obstacle to seeing change overnight.

Who is Brianna Jaramillo dating now?

Well, the promises are not easy to fulfill with. It does not appear as if Danae was able to provide care and nurturing tactics as he talked about. He was struggling with his own identity.

 brianna jaramilloage, wiki, birthday, instagram, teen mom, tv shows, pregnant, children, married, husband,
TEEN MOM Brianna Jaramillo talks about son Braeson being born with no left forearm, is no longer with transgender bf Danae

Image Credit; Starcasm

On the other hand, Brianna Jaramillo is in a new relationship. It’s like she found the fatherly figure for her child Braeson and love of her life in Robert Realms. In the 2018 fathers day, she took her Instagram to share her picture with a new boyfriend Robert Realms.

Happy Father’s Day babe!💖 & Happy Father’s Day to all!!!☺☺☺

A post shared by Briannnnna🤱🏼💖 (@_brianna_lovee) on

As mentioned earlier, she had an on and off relationship with a transgender boyfriend. The couple Brianna Jaramillo and Realms came across media personality in this January.

Brianna Jaramillo child Braeson disability in Teen Mom Young and Pregnant

On the last ultrasound, the doctor realized that her baby had none left forearm and hand. As a result, she amused at the doctor’s first words on Braeson disability.

”It was hard hearing about it and realizing he might grow up and realize that he’s different from everybody else. That was definitely hard. But, talking to my doctor about it — it made it a lot easier to handle it, and I realized it wouldn’t slow him down.”

Somehow, she accumulated guts and acknowledged that Braeson would learn everything that he was born unique and able to do normal activities without leaning to the left forearm.

Brianna Jaramillo Wiki-Bio; Birthday and Family!

Brianna Jaramillo was born on 2nd December 1999 in Milwaukee. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. She grew up with her sister, Brianna Jaramillo.

Brianna Jaramillo is at the age of nineteen years old. So, her birth date falls in 2000. The eighteen-year-old mother is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has yet to open up on her families in the interviews.

Tune into MTV channel to follow the journey of Teen Mom Brianna Jaramillo and her son Braeson on the episodes of Teen Mom; Young and Pregnant every Monday nights.

Brianna Jaramillo’s Body Measurement

  • Height  = Brianna Jaramillo stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Age = As of January 2019, her age is 19.

Brianna Jaramillo’s Social Media

Brianna Jaramillo is active on several social media including Twitter and Instagram. She keeps on posting several pictures and videos on her account.

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As of January 2019, her Instagram account has more than 280k followers.