Reputation beholds in the society and if anything trifles in between, it rarely stabilizes the previous position.  The same is the case with Venezuelan professional baseball outfielder, Danry Josué Vásquez Blanco, or summoned Danry Vasquez assault to ex-girlfriend Fabiana Pérez created outrage in the media. Consequently, he underwent community service, classes, and fine payment charges. Stay tuned with us; we’ll elaborate why did Danry Vasquez assault Pérez?

Lately, ex-girlfriend Fabiana Pérez vocalized on the violent beating caught on the videotape. We’ll surely cover it here along Danry Vasquez dating affairs, net worth and wiki-bio.

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Details on Danry Vasquez Assault to ex-girlfriend Fabiana Pérez

Recently, Fabiana Pérez broke her silence over vicious beating from ex-boyfriend Danry Vasquez. According to the tales, the pair met when she was fourteen years old via social networking sites. Two years later, she graduated from college and went for life in relationship with Danry Vasquez. Everything ran smoothly until Danry overwhelmed with jealousy and possessive behavior when the time haste away.

In 2016, he saw her talking to other men. So, he escorted Perez to the staircase and started beating her harshly. Similarly, his assault caught on camera. Fabiana Pérez never thought that man once she loved could harm her physically and mentally. But she did not charge him. The very next day, a cop arrested Danry Vasquez and was released as soon as he took management classes and the payment fines.

Danry Vasquez Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend, Assault, Age, Fabiana Perez
Caption; Baseball player Danry Vasquez beat ex-girlfriend Fabiana Pérez viscously in a stadium stairwell.

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21-years old Fabiana Pérez is repentant on staying silent.

“That is unforgivable. I shouldn’t have been so passive, May God bless him and enlighten his path and his mind. I hope those classes he took make him change. We as women are worth a lot. We don’t have to live in a man’s shadow.”

Furthermore, Danry’s attorney backed him up for the stress that he had to hold at the young age without the guidance of parents.

“ I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young. Came to the USA at a young age with no parents (accommodating him) and no guidance … just his dreams. She never excused his behavior just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.”

Danry Vasquez Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend, Assault, Age, Fabiana Perez
Caption; Danry Vasquez with ex-girlfriend Fabiana Pérez

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Danry Vasquez Dating affairs and Married life

In November 2017, the video surfaced that Danry Vasquez engaged to the new girlfriend. She was in her blindfolds when his outfielders carry her to beach from the boat. As she turns up the blindfold, she overwhelmed with happiness to read “Will You Marry Me” in Spanish. On a turn, she saw Danry Vazquez on his knees and ring ignited to propose her.  Eventually, she cried on ‘Yes’ along kisses and memorable photographs along friends.

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Caption; Danry Vasquez and his fiancée are pictured above after he got down on one knee

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On one of the interviews, he revealed that he is blissfully leading a married life and even apologized for what he had done earlier

“I am currently married, and not with the girl with whom I had the incident.

I respect, value and love my wife. She has supported me in all this and has been an unconditional person in this matter. I also know that those scenes were strong. As a public figure, I must set an example. Today I apologize and show that this should not be done. I know that stronger comments come and I leave everything in God’s hand.”

However, he has not let his private affairs, wedding bells details and name of the wife in Medias.

Danry Vasquez career and net worth

At the very young age, Danry Vasquez played for Detroit Tigers in a signing amount of $1.2 million. After two years he engaged in West Michigan Whitecaps of the Class A Midwest League but demoted to the Connecticut Tigers.

Danry Vasquez Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Dating, Girlfriend, Assault, Age, Fabiana Perez
Caption; Danry Vasquez was arrested on Aug. 4 before being suspended and released

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In 2013, he signed with The Astros for Mid West League, and a year later he played for Class A-AdvancedCalifornia League. Now he had signed the contract with Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, an independent baseball league at the beginning of 2018.

But the deal with Lancaster Barnstormers canceled when his video of domestic violence surfaced. So, what’s the net worth of Danry Vasquez? He has been active in sports array from the young age. Hence, Danry Vasquez’s net worth estimated at $ 1 million.

Danry Vasquez Bio-wiki; Age, Ethnicity, Nationality, Height, And Weight

He was born in Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda, Venezuela on 8th January 1994. Danry Vasquez belongs to mixed ethnicity and Venezuelan nationality.

He is quite tall at the height of 6” 3’ and weighs around 86 kg.

Danry gained 12 pounds during 2012-2013 season play; otherwise, he weighed 171 pounds.