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Ian Petrella still remains Randy Parker for fans worldwide who adored him for his role in the sleeper hit classic A Christmas Story. Petrella began acting at the age of three and shined on T.V. shows and films alike. Who would’ve guessed at the moment that he would end up behind the cameras for the rest of his life?

The former child star is all the same happy and extremely satisfied with his present line of work. So, are you curious as to what that might be and how he is doing? If so, now might be the perfect time to start scrolling down!

Who is Ian Petrella?

Ian Petrella is an animator, a puppeteer, and a former child actor who is popular as Ralphie’s kid brother Randy Parker from the film A Christmas Story (1983). Years later, as a result of his interest in puppetry, he also worked on the sets of Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and other in-demand productions.

Ian Petrella in the film A Christmas Story
Ian Petrella in the film A Christmas Story
Image Source: Biography Line

A Christmas Story took a while to become a classic after which the former child actor left to study marionette puppetry and animation. He entered Hollywood again to try his luck on acting however after appearing in several independent television and films; he decided to quit acting.   

Is Ian Petrella Married? Or Dating Anyone?

Since it’s been ages that Ian Petrella stepped out of the show biz, there is no way of knowing about his link-ups. It is possible that he is a wedded man and in a matrimonial with kids. His Instagram account shows no indication that he is a family man still a picture suggests that he has a toddler daughter.

Ian Petrella is likely married and not single
Ian Petrella is likely married and not single
Image Source: Thecelebscloset

Ian moved away from Hollywood as he found better things for himself nevertheless the bond he shared with fellow cast members is fresh in his heart even now. Due to his love for his 1983 hit movie, every now and then, he fills in as Christmas Story House & Museum’s tour guide which is situated in Ohio.

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The 46-year-old lives with his dog Orwell in Cleveland, Ohio right now. Moreover, Ian posts photos and videos of himself with his dog and friends on Twitter.

Net worth and Earnings

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Ian Petrella possesses a net worth of $400 thousand through his previous acting works, puppetry, and animations.  The average salary of an American child actor is $43,101.76, the puppeteer is $51,038, and an animator is $32.2 thousand to $85.2 thousand per year.

Check out the clip of Ian Petrella’s movie A Christmas Story (1983)!

The 1.75-meter tall man acted in the 1983 Christmas comedy movie A Christmas Story which raised a box office collection of $20.6 million against the budget of $3.3 million. He performed alongside actors like Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Tedde Moore, and Yano Anaya

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The versatile talent furthermore appeared in the erotic thriller film Crimes of Passion (1984) which had $3 million as production fees and drew $290 thousand at the box office. From such appearances, he has 13 acting credits and 1 nomination altogether. Therefore, Petrella for sure has a lot of assets and wealth with respect to his successes in various fields.

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