Who does not want their life to be an adventure? That’s one thing off the list for the talented American filmmaker, producer, and voice-over actress Alesia Glidewell whose life is already a crazy ride!

The versatile lady lets her charms loose wherever she goes and has done professionally more than well for herself. It is a bit surprising that the free-spirited career woman is well-settled with her companion. If you want in on the juicy bits of Glidewell’s private affairs, feel free to go ahead!

Who is Alesia Glidewell?

Alesia Glidewell is an American voice actress, director, and producer. Likewise, his popularity as that of director and producer comes from A Trip to Unicorn Island (2016), Shark Tank (2009), Wear It to Win It (2018), Look at Me (2012), and many more.

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So nice to hang with family!

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In the same manner, Alesia garners her fame as a voice actress in videogames such as Sly 2 Band of Thieves (2004), Star Fox Assault (2005), F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin (2009), etc. Notably, her character Chell in the series, Portal is more or less immortal for the gamers worldwide.

Does Alesia Glidewell have a partner? What About Children?

Alesia Glidewell is in a lovey-dovey marital relationship with boyfriend turned husband, Robb Hanson. The two dated for a while before they decided it was time they spend the rest of their lives together.

While the marriage is as open as it could be, the director does not like to brag about it, in that the couple wants to keep their private life away from media attention. It does not change the fact that ten years into the marital and their attachment and affection for one another is not any lesser.

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Aside From her spouse, the lady does not seem to have any affairs or romance with other guys. Let’s wish the two remains happy as they have been and hopefully will soon announce the good news!

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My pup is such a freshman @lapride

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Glidewell is an animal and travel enthusiast; she barely forgets to pull along her pet dog Hiro and sweetheart on her tours. Besides, her Instagram and Twitter posts are full of voyage pictures and videos, along with her friends, spouse, and pet.

How Much Is Alesia Glidewell’s Salary & Net Worth?

Alesia Glidewell owns a net worth of $4 million from her career in directing, voice-acting, and producing. The average salary of an American director is $44.34 per hour and makes around $92,220 annually, a voice-actor makes $150 per hour and $40,000 per year, whereas a producer earns around $44,388-$61,595 per year.

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The 1.64-meter-tall lady has an unbelievable number of over ten credits whether it is as a producer, a director, or an actress. Not to mention, she is also a writer, creative EP, unit production manager, project manager, and previous owner of Snagbuddy Films.

Check out the clip of Alesia Glidewell’s voiced movie Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2014)!

Thus, with hard-earned fortune, the Portal voice-actress could have no problems sticking to her present lifestyle where she travels the world or brings out a new film in the market.

Body Measurements: Alesia Glidewell

Alesia Glidewell stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 ½ inches (1.64 meters). Similarly, she has green eyes with black hair.

Quick Facts: Alesia Glidewell

When and where was Alesia Glidewell born?

December 8, 1978, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

What is the nationality of Alesia Glidewell?


Which is the ethnic background of Alesia Glidewell?

Mixed (Brazilian-American-Japanese)

Where did Alesia Glidewell receive her education?

Emory University

What is Alesia Glidewell’s birth sign?


Which is the color of the hair of Alesia Glidewell?


What is Alesia Glidewell’s eyes color?


How old is Alesia Glidewell?

40 years old

How tall is Alesia Glidewell?

5 feet 4 ½ inches.

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