Elliot Cowan is not a new name to us. He is one of the actors who are famous for both work and body part. For Elliot, he is famous for his work in series and movies along with for his muscular body and facial hair. With a good face and all, he has been able to gain much more fans and followers.

When all things are answered through his social accounts, most people still do not know if Elliot Cowan is married already or is not. Also, we found some curious fans who want to know his dating life and his girlfriend’s name. If you too are searching for this info, stay put as we will be disclosing them here.

Is Elliot Cowan Dating His Girlfriend or Is Single?

The dating life of Elliot is not known to most of us. As he does not want to express all his private affairs in front of others and is rather too secretive; his love life never came to limelight.

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We still are not sure but he is allegedly linked with Jo Cowan. If you see through her Instagram account, you might believe what I just said to you.

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Jo and Elliot’s love life is still not confirmed as both are silent to the news. We can suspect the duo to be together as both never denied the thing.


If you think Elliot is married secretly, we have not found any info regarding this as well. There is no news of Elliot welcoming his wife. When Daily Mail asked him in an interview, he replied:

 ‘I am still trying to build my career as an actor. That’s the reason why I have not married yet.’

So, as of now, Cowan is single so has no girlfriend yet.

What Type of Girl Does He Prefer? Know Her Ideal Woman!

If you are thinking Elliot not to be interested in dating or marrying, then you are completely wrong. Cowan follows a rule in his life, and he also has a dream girl.


Guess who? His dream girl is Halle Berry. Elliot explained about how she became his dream lady:

‘It’s not her face that makes her the one. It’s because she is both smart and intelligent. Also, it is because she is one professional being.’

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But, his ideal woman is different. He hinted about her in an interview with Daily Mail:

‘Apart from professionalism, what I like in one is her body. I prefer curvy body than other types. And for that, I have an ideal woman and she is Adriana Lima.’

Well, not now but one day Elliot would be hooking up with someone too. Let’s us hope to see that day soon.

Elliot Cowan’s Body Measurement

  • Height = 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88m
  • Weight = Around 60kg
  • Age = 45
  • Instagram