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Zachary Levi and His Ex-Wife Missy Peregrym Divorce: What Was The Real Reason?

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The love life is only thing that does not go well in everyone’s life. It is full of ups and downs, full of fluctuations. If one among pair wants the relation to go along, the other expects more from him/her. And when that expectation does not meet, the relationship meets its end. Similar thing happened with ex-couple Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym.

Dating for almost ten years and then getting hitched, Levi really put hard effort to sustain his relation with Missy. But he was not able to do so and divorced. Today in this column, we will be discussing about the reason of his divorce with Missy!

Zachary Levi’s Life Starting from Dating to Divorce

Levi too falls on the category of celebrities who do not want their personal info to spill out in public. So, he tried his best not to reveal his personal info and affairs to limelight. But, his secret came to news when his then girlfriend, Missy shared the fact through her twitter account.

Missy Peregrym Tweet

Missy revealed about their dating life and about getting hitched after ten years of love life. On 10th June 2014, she revealed about being in love and tying knot. The wedding took place in Maui on the same year; the wedding dress of Missy was main showcase that was Warren Alife Baker’s design.

Missy and Levi in Wedding

Here we have the picture of the ex-pair back in the year 2004. This shows that both were pretty close together back then.

Zachery Levi and girlfriend back in 2004

What Was The Real Reason of Zachary and Missy Peregrym Divorce?

The ex-couple surely was happy in their wedding but sad to say, they split in the year 2015 December. That was too fast, as both only shared married life for six months or so. After going through all reports and data, we found out that the split went very smoothly.

Zachary Levi and His Ex-Wife Missy

Back in the year 2015, Zachary once gave statement about marriage to The People Magazine:

‘Marriage is not a simple term, it is like an animal.’

‘When you are dating, it can be ended with simple clause. But when it comes to marriage, commitment always keeps you within. It’s not as simple as breakup.’

Zachary already felt that his married life would not sustain as he expected, so both agreed on quitting. It is not clear yet about the reason of their divorce, but we will be soon updating you the reason. Let’s hope he would disclose the reason officially!

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