Bikram Choudhury Net Worth, Netflix Show, Harassment, Car, Facts, Wiki-Bio

Bikram Choudhury posing in a red t-shirt and black cap.
Born NameBikram Choudhury
Birth PlaceCalcutta, British India
Height5 feet 4 inch
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionYoga instructor and Author
WifeRajashree Choudhury (div 2016)
Net Worth$75 million
Weight63 k.g
Age75 years old

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The face of Bikram YogaBikram Choudhury, is quite a recurring name in the world of glamor recently. The Yogi is consistently tangled between different allegations on sexual abuse, discrimination, and racism. 

The American-Indian Yogi followed his passion into his job as he was always interested in Yoga since the mere age of 3. His organization bases the Yoga services in the United States and further 40 countries. So, today, we take you close to the personal life of the controversial Bikram Choudhury and his net worth. 

Bikram Choudhury’s Enormous Net Worth of $75 Million

The Yoga instructor, Bikram Choudhury, owns a whopping net worth of $75 million from his profession of teaching Yoga. The National India Yoga champion holds a strong reputation for creating 26 different postures and earns an estimated salary of $10 million per year.

Choudhury involved himself in different allegations time and again, but is quite successful to let these issues not hamper his professional life. The primary sources of his income come from royalties and copyrights.

Lately on Netflix as Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

The Yoga instructor, Bikram Choudhury, recently got into the spotlight after being on the billion-dollar production company, Netflix. The global production house announced to feature his story as a documentary called Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator. The documentary aims to cover the rise, peak, and downfall of the Yoga expert. 

YouTube: A trailer of Bikram Choudhury’s Netflix show, Bikram: Yogi. Guru, Predator.

The Netflix documentary continues to give biopics of different reputed artists and Choudhury adding to the list lately. Surprisingly, it involves all the details about how he got fame through his work and how he lost it with shameful actions like assault and harassment. 

Choudhury Disheartened by his Character Assassination from Netflix

According to the director, Eva Orner, they want people to know how petty Bikram was showcasing all his miserable deeds. Contrary to this, the Yoga guru was hurt by the allegations and labeled the show as a character assassination. 

The 90-minute Netflix movie hopes that it can help aware people on how bad the Yoga teacher personally is. 

The documentary added new victims who finally gathered the courage to speak of all the misconduct Bikram did to them. Students and co-workers like Sarah Baughn and Larissa Anderson confessed how the Yoga teacher assaulted and raped them.

Most of his associates and trainees disclosed how disgusting the instructor, Choudhury was personally. He used to invite his students into his room at night in the nights of training and ask for massages. And eventually, he would try to force them for sex.

On the other hand, the 75-year-old Netflix artist denies every sexual allegation he faced till date. One of his repetitive claims is that women loved him so, if he really wanted to involve them, he didn’t have to assault them.

Bikram Choudhury’s Legacy on Yoga

The Netflix artist, Bikram Choudhury followed his childhood passion in Yoga to develop it as his career. Impressively, he is best known for his 26-posture series, which takes ninety minutes to practice in 40-degree celsius.

While the Yoga instructor tried to copyright his postures, he earns ample fortune to teach his postures. The nine-week sessions generally cost about $10000 per individual. Since millions of persons globally train his courses, Bikram embarks his legacy on the world of Yoga.

Choudhury’s Global Tour on Yoga

The American-Indian enjoys massive success from his career as an instructor in Yoga in more than 20 countries. He migrated to America during the 1970s and founded Yoga venues in California and Hawaii. 

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Choudhury is also planning a Legacy Tour of India in 2020. The tour will occur around seven venues of the city for about 15 days. Impressively, the fees will be about $3,950 per person.

Choudhury’s Fancy Car Collection

The Yoga-expert Choudhury is fond of luxury cars and owns about 43 top-notch vehicles. He keeps ten vintage Rolls-Royces and five Bentleys, which demonstrate his lavishing lifestyle. 

Bikram Choudhury Car Collection

  1. Rolls Royces

    The yogi guru had a collection of 13 Rolls Royces. While some were vintage such as Silver Shadow, others were new versions, Phantom Drop Head Coupe and such.
    While even one Rolls-Royce remains the dream of many, he owned 13 of them.
    He drove the Phantom Drophead Coupe which cost around $492 thousand today. Likewise, the Silver Shadow is worth $8.1 million as of 2019. He also owned a Phantom V worth a staggering value of $100 thousand.

  2. Bentleys

    The founder of Bikram Yoga seems to have a knack for fast luxurious cars. Hence, he owned 8 Bentleys of which the starting price was at the least $200 thousand.
    Choudhury loved the touch of hand in the luxury cars and bought the Bentleys out of his passion.

  3. Ferrari

    In total, Bikram held 3 supercars of Ferrari, one of them being 458 Spider. He parked the Italian luxury sports car in his garage and was fond of its latest models. To be precise, the racing car holds value of $270 thousand as of now

Despite so many cars, he transferred most of them to the Miami warehouse after violating a restraining order in Los Angeles County superior courts in 2017. Consequently, Minnard, a California counsel, sold many of the cars at an auction. 

Bikram Choudhury’s House

The Netflix portrayed figure, Bikram Choudhury displays his lavishing lifestyle from his career in his houses. The Indian born controversial artist lives in his own residence at Beverly Hills, California.

Choudhury owns a massive villa at the home of many Hollywood stars, Beverly Hills. The house is surrounded by greenery with dense trees and holds ample backyard and front garden. He used to live with his wife and children in the villa before they split up.

Sexually Alleged Choudhury Files For Bankruptcy

While there were numerous sexual allegations made against the Netflix star, Bikram Choudhury’s Yoga company filed for bankruptcy in November 2017. With over $16 million debt after paying many compensations, Choudhury was obliged to make the decision.

Bikram Yoga Inc. owned liabilities ranging from $10 million to $50 million, with most of it being due to the former employees. Since there were multiple sexual allegations against him, he also had to pay $6.8 million to his former attorney, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden who won a case against him. 

In order to satisfy the jury on his bankruptcy, Choudhury tried to hide his property by moving them overseas. But, ultimately the unlawful attempt was caught to deny his claim. According to Aaron Osten, Bikram had sufficient funds to satisfy the court judgment to deny his files.

Quick Facts: Bikram Choudhury

  • Since 2013, six women accused Bikram of sexual assault and rape, but he settled these instances out of court.
  • Likewise, he received an order to pay $6.5 million and $924,000 to Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, who sued him on wrongful termination and sexual harassment. 
  • He tied the knot with Rajashree Choudhury in 1984 and divorced in 2016.
  • The Netflix-figure claimed to have his 26 Yoga postures under copyright in 2012, but United States Copyright Office didn’t approve it.
  • The Bikram Yoga founder also wrote a book titled Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class on 2000

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