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WWE’s champion Roman Reigns Announces Leukemia Remission!

WWE superstar Roman Reigns announced that he will return to the ring on Monday. The revelation came four months after he renounced his universal title while fighting a battle against leukemia.

The 33-year-old wrestler opened up on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw revealed that his cancer is in remission. He delivered his speech while the audience cheered, and chanted  ‘Roman! Roman!’ and ‘Welcome back!’.

When asked what it was like to get back in the ring on Monday night, by Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Galina Becker‘s husband replied,

“It was amazing. It’s one of those things I thought about over and over. “

He added,

“I just knew in my head, this journey is not going to be complete until I get to step foot back in that ring and get to address my fans.”

Reigns first let the world in on his secret 12-year battle with leukemia during a live episode of Raw back in October. The struggle began when the wrestler was diagnosed at age 22 in 2008.

Enduring Announcement of the Return

The father of Joelle Anoa’i made his official remission announcement on Raw Monday night, telling the cheering crowd:

“I said I was going to swing for the fences. We did better than that, Y’all.  Didn’t just swing for the fences. We hit a home run. I’m so grateful and so humbled and so honored to announce this. The good news is, I’m in remission, Y’all.”

He added energetically,

‘So with that being said, the Big Dog is back!’

However, he didn’t reveal the exacts of his return to the wrestling platform.

Reigns is one of the most acclaimed and prolific pro-wrestlers of today’s wrestling industry. In addition, The renowned wrestler earned titles like WWE’s World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Tag Team, and United States championships.

To add up, He also earned number one spot in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s rankings of the top 500 singles wrestlers rankings back in 2016.

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