There are few basketball professional whose name will be called first while talking about women basketball,  and on that list is the Olympic gold medalist and WNBA winner, Diana Turasi who is in limelight for her wedding with Lesbain partner.

Beginning from school basketball to all the way to WNBA professional is not a small feat. Those who give attention to women’s basketball, surely would know about illustrious career of Diana.

Got Married a day before Wnba season opener!

Though Diana isn’t the one who is vocal about her private life, most of her fans and basketball spectators would have noticed about her sexuality. Not having a boyfriend, having female crush and on-court kiss with opponent female player is a lot of hints.

Diana and her wife Penny Taylor wedding

Caption: Lesbian Partner, Diana and her wife Penny Taylor all smile in their wedding ceremony on May 16, 2017.

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Boom! Diana recently got married, it’s none other than her former teammate and now wife Penny Taylor. Now there are two misses in Diana’s world. The timing couldn’t be any better as it happen just a day before of WNBA season 2017.

Diana was all smile, and happiness was all there in her eye as she gave an interview to Arizona Republic. She expressed about her special day in life and said;

“Just an amazing day, one of the happiest days we’ve ever had,

She maybe little disappointed with the opening day loss to Dallas but it couldn’t spoil her mood.

“It would have been nice to follow it up with a win, but we’re just really happy. It was one of the times where all our families were together, all the people we love and care for in the city that we met and evolved as teammates and wives now. It’s been pretty cool.”


Now, Diana is married and there is nothing to hide about her sexuality, she opened about her little secret. On an interview when asked about her marriage and lesbian secret she said;

“That was our special thing”

she added;

“We never kept it secret, we just didn’t want that to be an issue ever. We knew when we walked through those doors, it was time to put work in and be professional.”

Whole world shared the happiness as congratulation on ways from all around the world.


Has Diana have any dating history?

Diana has always been professional and never opened about her private life. Though, there are lots of times where Turasi has hinted but never left a trace for exact fact.

As every professional would like to basically stick to their work, Turasi has never opened about her boyfriend or if she is dating with someone. In interviews, she is always bossing around, when asked about her private life she easily skips the part by using her unique sense of humor.

If rumors to be believed during her college days that she had a boyfriend but there is not any short of  concrete evidence. In an interview with WNBA.COM she was asked by a fan whether she had a boyfriend,

She said,

‘I do NOT have a boyfriend, but I am looking for someone who is rich, is about 6-8 and drives a BMW 745 li.’

In the same interview, another fan asked her about celebrity crush, she came with most unexpected answer.

“Yes, WNBA President Donna Orender.”

It turns out she is more of a funny person as she talks about having a  boyfriend,  on the other side  she talks about having a female crush which shows controversy to her character.

Diana Tuarasic Short Bio

Diana is an American professional basketball player who plays Phoenix Mercury in WNBA. She has achieved almost everything in basketball. Individual as well as collective achievement in basketball is what makes her standout among other basketball players.

She has won 4 Olympic gold medals and 3 WNBA championship. Her personal achievement includes  WNBA Rookie of The Award, five scoring titles and she has been in the list of WNBA top 15 players of all time according to fans voting sytem. Diana has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million and the salary is $500 thousand. The credit to Diana net worth goes to her career in WNBA.