More misery on the list as another heartbreak followed in the life of Kylie Minogue. Everybody thought this is it; Kylie finally has found her perfect love after a long list of recurring heartache.

Getting hurt again and again obviously leave a big hole to fill. Pop princess, Kylie, is not unknown to the facts she has gone through the long list of a broken relationship. Usually, Kylie isn’t afraid to show her relationship to the world. This time she had a different thing in mind, but who could have stopped what is coming as she called an end to engagement with fiancé Joshua Sase.


If we look at clues in her relationship with Joshua Sasse some might have predicted about this relationship as Joshua was so desperate to let the world know; with whom he is engaged.

Kylie Minogue Engaged To Joshua Sase: Reason For Call Off!

Joshua reportedly confirmed their engagement after referring to Kylie as his ‘fiancée’ during an NME Awards after party.

According to Sun, the couple announced the news at the event, with a source telling the newspaper:

‘Kylie may have been keeping tight-lipped, but Josh isn’t as keen to keep it a secret.’

As they continued:

‘He was proudly calling her his fiancée to several guests and even joked that being with her meant he wouldn’t have any trouble getting into parties.’

Furthermore, if we look at views given by those close to Kylie, they didn’t seem to like Josh much.

After the split, as they opened about his intentions they didn’t hold back regarding his ill-intensions.

Speaking to The Sun, the source claimed:

‘Since they met, we’ve all been concerned about what Joshua’s intentions were.


Caption: kylie minogue and joshua sasse june 2016


And revealing his apparent insistence to accompany her to big awards ceremonies including the Brits, they explained:

‘None of Kylie’s previous partners have ever shown such a keen interest in sharing her spotlight and people saw through it.’

No wonder Kylie called an end to the engagement after reasonable suspicion regarding cheating her.

Kylie Minogue Dating History

Andres Velencoso (2008-2013)

Before Josh, she had a five-year relationship with Andres Velencoso.  They started dating while they met while filming an advert for a perfume range. Kylie ended a relationship of five years as she cited the difference in work schedule as a sole reason for the split.


Kylie dated French actor Oliver for five years, and they called it quit in 2007. The decision to part ways was mutual and amicable. Kylie spoke of positive regarding her relationship, and she couldn’t hide how incredible he was and how he helped to get through dark time. During her four-year relationship with Oliver, she had breast cancer.

JAMES GOODING – 1999-2002

Kylie dated James Gooding, but it couldn’t last more than three years. After the split how he boasted flying out of New and cheating with Kylie by sleeping with another model.


Another man on the list is Michael Hutchence who is INXS rocker. The duo dated starting the year 1989 and ended in 1991.

JASON DONOVAN – 1986-1989

Jason came to Kylie’s life when both were working in the TV soap named Neighbours.

While looking back at her relationship, it is obvious she never get beyond dating. The only time she got close to marriage is her engagement with Joshua Sase. If we talk about at the beauty of, Kylie,  age seems just a number as she is as beautiful as she was 25 years ago.

Jason Donovan and Kyile Minogue
Caption: Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue


More About Kylie Minogue

If we leave out Kylie’s personal life, she has a fantastic career as professional. Many would recognize for her breathtaking performance and songs, but she has more to her talent. Kylie began her career in acting later pursued the singing career.

She has to go through ups and down in her singing career, once she set her mark in pop through album lightyears then there was no looking back. She further gained widespread international recognition through next album Fever.

Kylie has thirteen studio albums, eleven compilation albums, six live albums, ten extended plays, eleven remix albums and two box sets.

If we look at Kylie achievement in her sing- dance career she has won Grammy Award. Furthermore, she has a record of having thirteen consecutive albums at top twenty on the UK Albums Chart, and she has achieved worldwide record sales of more than 80 million.

She has gained further recognition and increased her fan base through her worldwide tours. In her lengthy fruitful career, she has been a breath taking performer. In 2003, Minogue was named “Live Performer of the Year” at the Australian MO Awards.

Caption: Kylie with her usual sexy looks and jaw-dropping move in a duet with Robbie Williams

Kylie has made herself lots of money. Besides usual singing and dancing, she has involved herself in revenue-generating activities. If we talk about commercial investment, she has done a great job as she launched Darling perfume in 2006.It seems she has been busy collecting money wherever she can get.She has networth of $90 M.

Caption: Kylie featuring in ad of darling perfume