Radhika Jones who is an editorial director of the books department at the New York Times will soon take over the position from Graydon Carter as editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. Her appointment to editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair will take effect on 11 December. Being magazine’s first-ever Indian-origin EIC, she is also the first person of color to be named VF’s EIC. But what about Radhika Jones’ married life? Has Radhika Jones married someone and enjoys her married life with a husband and children? Many people are eager to know the facts about Radhika Jones married life. So let’s learn the details along with her wiki facts:

Radhika Jones Married; Who is Radhika Jones Husband?

Only a few relatives, family members, and close friends to Radhika Jones have detailed information about her married life. Talking about Radhika Jones’ married life, she is a married woman and has a husband. However, she has kept her husband under the wraps till now. She even doesn’t prefer to talk about her married life to the media. Radhia Jones’ husband is still a mystery.

Radhika and Max

Caption: Radhika Jones and Max Petersen attend the 2018 Whitney Gala Sponsored By Audi on May 22, 2018.

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But we do know the name of Radhika Jones’ husband. So, what is the name of Radhika Jones’ husband? Eager to know!

Well, her husband name is Max. Though Radhika has not talked about her married life yet, she did mention her husband in the past. Back in February 2011, she mentioned that her husband went to Super Bowl party and won $1 k pool in her Twitter account.

Caption: Radhika Jones’ husband won $1K pool from Super Bowl party.

Five months earlier before the tweet, Radhika had also named her husband in an article called ‘A Week in Culture’ of The Paris Review: She gushed about her husband, Max:

Arrive home tense from a rainy drive, and abandon virtuous plans to clean out a closet. Instead, my husband Max and I make popcorn, and I introduce him to Foyle’s War. He likes it! That’s good because we will be taking it on vacation with us next week

But Radhika Jones’ husband’s full name has not been revealed yet. She has not taken her husband’s name after the marriage as well. Many people speculate that Radhika Jones’ husband’s full name is Max Peterson. But she has not revealed it by herself. So, when she reveals her husband’s full name, we will update you on Radhika Jones’ married life!

Radhika Jones Children

Since Radhika Jones is a married woman, the talk regarding her children will obviously surface. So has she any children with her husband? If then, who are Radhika Jones’ children? How many children does she have?

According to Radhika Jones’ wiki, she has a son and currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.

Radhika has not revealed her son’s name as her husband’s. It seems as if her son is the only child she has with her husband. There is a high probability for Radhika to plan for another child. So, if she gets pregnant with another child, her pregnancy news will attract most of the media.

So, until Radhika Jones get pregnant with another child and reveals her first child: son’s name, we will update you!

Radhika Jones Family

Radhika Jones has a caring and an adorable family. She was born to the parents Robert L. Jones and an Indian mother. Her father met her mother in Paris in 1970. They fell in love and married each other in the same year. Her mother’s hometown is Mumbai so as a child she used to visit her mother’s family in Mumbai.

Caption: Radhika Jones’ parents eloped in France 47 years ago.

Other Radhika Jones’ family members are her two siblings: a brother and a sister, Nalini. Her sister has her own family now as she is also married and has children. Radhika Jone’s brother lives in Andover, Mass. Radhika Jones’ sister, Nalini is the author of ‘What You Call Winter.’

As of now, Radhika Jones’ family has three members: she, her husband, and her son. Radhika has already started her own family, and we hope she will do her best to support her family despite being on a busy schedule.

How Much is Radhika Jones’ Net worth?

As a magazine editor and an editorial director of the books department of The New York Times, Radhika Jones’ net worth must be high. She had also worked for Time magazine, The Paris Review, The Moscow Times and in various other publications. And now she will soon be the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. No doubt she will be offered a huge salary, and her net worth will change drastically after a year.

However, as of 2017, Radhika Jones’ net worth is under review. She has not disclosed the total value of her net worth yet. So, once Radhika Jones’ net worth will be calculated, we will update you on the exact figure of Radhika Jones’ net worth!

Radhika Jones Wiki-Bio: Age, Birthday, and Nationality!

Born in the year 1973 in New York, the United States, Radhika Jones’ birthday is on 23rd of January. Following the last birthday celebration, Radhika Jones’ age is 44. After the upcoming birthday celebration in January 2018, Radhika Jones’ age will be 45. Be sure to wish on Radhika Jones’ birthday!

Radhika grew up in Cincinnati and Connecticut with her family. She owns a degree of B.A from Harvard University. She also holds a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

As Radhika’s mother is Indian, many people talk about what Radhika thinks about her nationality. Well, according to her she is an Indian-American writer. But as she was born in New York, Radhika Jone’s nationality is American, not Indian. In September 2017, Radhika mentioned herself as an Indian-American writer.

Caption: Radhika Jones mentioned herself as an Indian-American writer.