Clive Owen is a familiar name in Hollywood; several people were waiting for his movie release date. However, the movie star was unhappy if his daughters watch his movie. Though it’s strange, but it’s true, Owen does not wish his daughter to watch his movies.

Owen being one of the busy stars in Hollywood still manages time for his family. Clive loves and enjoys spending time with wife and children.

Owen wants to spend his time with his daughter as a father, not as a movie star. If Owen gets free time, then he would love to spend the time with his family. Therefore, he hates his children watching his movies.

 Two Decades of Joyous Relation With His Wife

Owen married Sarah-Jane Fenton in the year 1995 and their wedding was at the Highgate, London, and their married life as husband and wife is going very well. As with any other husband, Owen has a lot of respect and love for his family, and his commitment toward his family justifies his caring nature as a husband and as a loving dad. Owen met his wife Sarah Jane on the sets of the play ‘Romeo & Juliet.’

Actor Clive Owen and his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton at an event together. The couple is married for two decades now
Actor Clive Owen and his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton at an event together. The couple is married for two decades now

He is not dating anyone else and does not have a girlfriend, or an extramarital affair. Owen has two children, and their names are Hannah Owen and Eve Owen. In 2007, talking about his bond with family, Owen in an interview said;

‘For me good Relation is everything, if I was doing excellent in films and didn’t have a solid family behind me, then I’m nothing. Sarah was my backbone. ’

Children were the gifts of God and Clive want to spend most of his time with them. In one of his interview with The Scotsman, he said,

“I want to remain as a father separate from work.” 

He added:

“In my field. I remain an actor, and I come home, I would become father and love to spend my time with my girls as a dad.”

Owen wants to spend his time with daughters and daughters should spend time with family rather than watching his movies before they were 18, but Owen’s not happy about his children seeing all of their dad work even then.

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Clive won’t suggest his children to ruin their time by watching his movie instead he wanted his children to spend time with him enjoying.

In 2015, Owen was with his wife and his daughter in New York for a day out. During that period, he was busy filming in the same city. At the age of 52, he managed his personal life and film career as a true professional.

Actor Clive Owe in New York having a family time with his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton and the couple daughters Eve and Hannah,
Actor Clive Owe in New York having family time with his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton and the couple daughters Eve and Hannah. 

Clive was filming the second season of The Knick in the states. October was the month for the movie premiere. Clive appeared to be channeling the Blues Brothers as he spent the day with his youngest daughter. Nevertheless, he managed his time for his family.

Clive and his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton spend their holiday during 2014 on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. If Clive gets a break, then he would love to spend his time with his wife and daughter.

It was an enjoyable and memorable time that Owen spends with Sarah. In one of his interview, he said,

“Marriage should be equal.” That means, men and women were equal, and there should have no room for decimation. If husband and wife treat them as a life partner, then it is going to be long lasting. Owen values the time he spends away from his wife as much as the hours he is with her.

Recently, Owen’s starred M.Butterfly first trailer was released, which was a romantic movie.

Caption: First official trailer of M. Butterfly posted on January 26, 2017.

Owen shirtless pictures are the famous photo of Owen and still viewed by the woman as he has a great well-toned body. Owen has a Sardonic sense of humor. In many roles, Owen wears a long coat, which was well worn and tattered.

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Owen attempt two of indie rock band Hard-Fi concerts: at Brixton Academy on 15 May 2006 and Wembley Arena on 18 December 2007. Clive is also a supporter of Liverpool F.C. and narrated the fly on the wall documentary series Being: Liverpool.

Blood Ties was Owen’s movie, directed by Guillaume Canet, alongside French actress Marion Cotillard. During, June 2013 it was released at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Clive Owen’s Short Bio Along With His Net Worth:

Owen was born on 3rd October 1964 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. At the age of 54 and with the height of 6ft 2inches, Owen still looks young and is rocking every bit of his role be it in any movies and tv shows.

Furthermore, he is the son of his parents, Pamela Owen and Jess Owen. Moreover, he also has two brothers Lee Owen and Alan Owen. 

Clive Owen's childhood photos
Clive Owen’s childhood photos

Owen is part of several TV shows like The Knich (2014), The Hire (since 2002), Chancer (1990-1991), and soon.

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According to Owen wiki, Owen has a jaw-dropping net worth of $30 million, and this proves his success. Because of his film career, he can collect such hefty net worth.