What’s Halting Your Sex Drive: Top Five Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

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According to the research, 30-45 aged women have experienced low sex desire may be due to lack of sexual knowledge, proper communications between partners or may be capable in their health.  Especially women are having a problem due to physical and mental problems. Man feels comfortable thinking about libido than women.

The reason for low sex drive for men may be because of stress and depression, endocrine disorder, high blood pressures, low testosterone, and diabetes. Here we present you tips to maintain good libido.

Eat healthy foods

Eat Healthy and be fit and fine
Eat Healthy and be fit and fine

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Eat vegetables like onion and garlic for improving blood circulations. Eat bananas, chilies and peppers help to boost libido. Eat omega containing fatty acid which contributes to increased blood flow in your body. Eat vitamin containing B1 helps in sound signals from the brain to penis and eggs which contribute to developing hormones.

2. Reduce stress

 When you feel relax, you see everything peaceful  
When you feel relax, you see everything peaceful

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One of the biggest problems of loss of libido is stress. Do meditation and exercises to reduce stress. When a woman feels the tension, her body produces higher levels of oxytocin. So, just relax. Think of happy moments, listen to music. When you feel peaceful and good about yourself, then you will not face problem in libido.

3. Maintain a proper relationship with your partner

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If you feel shame to talk with your partner about libido, then you will not be able to maintain a keep a good relationship with your spouse. Avoid criticizing your husband/wife. Find the right time to talk with them. Pay attention to what your partner says. Give time to them from your hectic schedule. Think that your partner is your best friend; share your feelings with them.

4. Avoid smokes and drinks

Smoking and Drinking will increase cholesterol
Smoking and Drinking will increase cholesterol

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Avoid bad habits like drinking and smoke. It will affect your health and sexual performance. Sometimes you can have a half glass of wine with your partner to make moment romantic. But, drinking too much will affect your health. If you are a chain smoker, try to quit smoking. Do exercise; eat well which helps to boost your sexual health.

5. Consult with doctors about your health

Make Your Doctor Best Friend
Make Your Doctor Best Friend

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If you are having a problem of libido loss, then consult with a doctor. Have a talk with the doctor about your problem in detail and the doctor will provide you better solutions. Know about your body. If you are having an issue in any parts of the body, then talk with your doctor.

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If you want to improve your libido, then you can do cardio exercise. Regular exercise can help to improve your sexual performance by keeping your heart in shape. You can take prevention by improving lifestyle, have a proper diet, and reduce stress and most importantly take care of your partner. Maintain good relation with them to boost your libido