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YouTube Personality, Tana Mongeau is famous for sharing strange life events such as near-death experiences, exploring drugs and alcohol, losing virginity, family history and so on. Most of the social media users tune into Tana Mongeau channel to relate and confront her story times.

Well, the YouTuber Tana Mongeau has also tangled into the myriad of controversies, racial slurs, lesbian tag and many more. Want to know Tana Mongeau wiki? Is Tana Mongeau lesbian? Does Tana Mongeau have a boyfriend?

In the particular column, we’ll unfold Tana Mongeau’s bio, wiki, net worth, boyfriend, lesbian, family, age, and YouTube.

Who Is Tana Mongeau boyfriend?

Back in 2015, Tana Mongeau dated Somer Hollingsworth. But, the pair drew apart due to Tana Mongeau’s outrageous video in 2017.

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In the verge of collaborating and picking up new ideas, she crossed boundaries and eventually uploaded a screenshot of her giving the lap dance to Kian Lawley.

In response, Tana Mongeau boyfriend, Somer Hollingsworth consecutively shared her deception on Twitter. On the other hand, Tana confronted live on YouNow that the forthcoming video of lap dancing is 100 percent a joke. She further expressed that how broken hearted Somer is and perceived why he blocked her on social media.

Is Tana Mongeau lesbian? Know when did she lose her virginity?

Now, it’s credit for a picture where two girls share an intimate kiss. It again created tittle-tattle that Tana Mongeau is dating Bella Thorne. Hence, people knew that both Tana and Bella Thorne are lesbians.

Hence, fans thought if Tana Mongeau changed her sexual orientation to be lesbian. Furthermore, the post comprises the caption “I want to date Bella Throne Next.” Isn’t it a hint of Tana Mongeau lesbian orientation?


To break the ice, the pair is companions who tried to bluff fans. Her and Bella Thorne uploaded a candid make out the image for fun and camera. On the contrary, it enticed the thought of a lesbian encounter on the online platform.

When did Tana Mongeau lose her virginity?

Mongeau uploads several interesting videos on her YouTube channels. Her videos help her to gain good attention.

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On 25th March 2018, she uploaded her videos where she answers about when she loses her virginity for the first time. Check out this video:

Tana even tweet related to her virginity,

In the video, she did not answer the exact answer but suggested people about it.

How much is Tana Mongeau net worth?

Tana Mongeau’s personal experience on Kicked Out Of Walmart is an initial YouTube video, which garnered more than a million views. Now, her YouTube channel comprises over 3.6 million subscribers to get through her dramatic episodes. Similarly, the channel foresees the collaboration with Jonah Green, Cody Ko, Polina Beregova, Channon Rose, and Ricky Dillon.

Do you know, what’s Mongeau net worth? Unfortunately, Mongeau net worth is yet to make roundabout in her storytimes or media circulation. Stay with us. We’ll be updating you with her earning as soon as possible.

Moreover, Mongeau makes $2.8K – $44.7K monthly and $33.5K – $536.4K yearly from her YouTube channel. Whereas, her Instagram account helped her to earn around $5,831.25 – $9,718.75.

Tana Mongeau Wiki/Bio; Age, Early Life, and Facts!

She was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas Nevada. Hence, Tana Mongeau age is 20 years old. The YouTuber has been vocal about her early days.

Tana’s story comprises of household conflicts and exploring the life of Las Vegas regarding drugs, alcohol, and parties. Once, Tana confessed about a stalker when she used to be at second Grade.

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She imprisoned the stalker but has a sense that he might be still stalking after the release from jail. Scary! Isn’t it? Also, she is the queen of controversies from the lesbian affairs to slamming the racial slurs of fellow YouTuber.

In 2016, she back lashed iDubbbzTV for having numerous N-word. On a response, iDubbbzTV snapped a picture with her at the VIP meet and greet, where he cited Say Nigg*r. As a result, Tana screamed for security and asked iDubbbzTV to leave the event.

Tana Mongeau’s Body Measurement and Social Media

Tana Mongeau stands at the height of 1.65m (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 54 kg. The star has the great physique with the body measurement of 31-24-33 inches.

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Moreover, Mongeau has a good fan following on her social media. As of 2018, her Instagram account has over 2 million followers.