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News Reporter Lesbian Clare Balding Married Same Sex Girl and Living Blissful Life; What is She Doing Now?

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Well known TV news reporter and Lesbian Clare Balding is heroic persona who already survived through the struggle of cancer. It is courageous work to stand out in field of work even after being caught by fatal disease. We will be discussing today about her same sex marriage and about her girlfriend.

Clare Balding Married Same Sex Girlfriend

Balding was first seen with her girlfriend in 2006. She was Alice Arnold who worked as BBC Radio 4 newsreader. It was news in, 2005 that they went through partnership after being in relationship for 14 years.

Clare Balding and Alice Arnold
Clare Balding and Alice Arnold

The duo officially claimed their marriage only after the gay marriage was legit in the UK. In 2015, she was happy that everyone could recognize her lesbian marriage. In 2015, she made statement through Mail Online:

“We are happy, happier than we were before. We know what our responsibilities are and we will do it for each other.”

Balding’s own family was against her marriage at first. Her grandmother was the one who opposed about her lesbian marriage. But for now, they do not have any problems and were last seen enjoying holidays at Chiswick, London.

What is Clare Balding Doing Now?

Clare Balding is one successful news reporter who was before struggling for living. But, after surviving the lethal disease, she is now living happily with her girlfriend cum spouse.

In 2015, she was seen in Saints Foundation, where she was working as brand ambassador. Also, in the same year, she was rumoured to be working for Channel 4. But, later on October 2016, it was reported that she would be working for BT TV as television reporter.

Clare Balding being social

Also, she is currently practicing for her new food recipe show, which would be on-air through Channel 4. She is now living in peace and harmony even if she chose same sex girl to marry. We would like to wish best of luck for her prosperous future.

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