The celebrities’ life is not always with pros, but there exists a vast amount of cons too. As their daily activities are monitored by their viewers, including what they post of social media; rumors and gossip are likely to come soon. It becomes very hard in maintaining secrecy, as news media are always hungry for spicy news. Despite all these issues, Michelle Fairley, known as Catelyn Stark of GOT, kept all things in a secret box. Her personal information is not known to us. Keeping that in mind, we would like to display some controversial and amazing news about her marital status. Do you think Michelle Fairley married to someone? Or is she single right now? Let’s know this fact now!

Is Michelle Fairley Married Secretly?

The Northern Irish actress, Fairley, who performed extraordinarily in the series named Games of Thrones; she is taken as one obdurate actress, who never leaves clues about her marital affairs to the public. She has never spoken a word when she is asked about her relationship, and all media corporations are still searching for her marital status.


But if you ask us about Michelle’s marital status, we would like to say that she might be single. We think so because she once hinted about her relationship with The Telegraph Magazine. In that interview, she revealed her previous relationship and also about her current status.

Michelle Fairley mentioned her previous relationship, but she didn’t reveal his identity. She also revealed that she was in love life with that man for seven long years, but didn’t mention the reason of breakup. Here is the statement she made:

‘It was my decision to be single. When someone faces the truth, there will be only two options, either you let someone go, or go yourself. As I needed change in my life, the thought I ignored for long time, I listened!’

Although she was in relation for seven long years, they didn’t step up for marriage. She didn’t have a child, but she mentioned about loving children more than others.

Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones
Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones

Is Michelle Fairley Lesbian?

As media and digital news agency didn’t find any information regarding her love life, they started speculating her to be lesbian. But, we know she was in relation before, so we can say that she is not lesbian.

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