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Shaelyn Cado Killam is the daughter of the Canadian actress Cobie Smulders and American actor Taran Killam. Likewise, she came to fame as the daughter of the two well-known Hollywood actors.

Shaelyn Cado Killam was born in New York and currently studying in middle school. Learn more about her and her parents in this article down below as well as about her siblings.

How is the Relationship Of Shaelyn Cado Killam’s Parents?

Shaelyn Cado Killam currently resides in New York with her parents Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders in a blissful childhood that all children deserve. Her loving parents tied the knot in September of 2012 in an intimate wedding among their loved ones.

Shaelyn Cado Killam with her parents
Shaelyn Cado Killam with her parents,
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The lovebirds first met in 2000, they kept dating for nine years before finally getting engaged in January of 2009. Taran and his loving wife Cobie lead a very strong married life together. Furthermore, the couple is free of any rumors regarding extramarital affairs.

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The lovely-couple welcomed two children in their wedded life. They welcomed Shaelyn after they engaged and then in 2015, they gave birth to Shaelyn’s younger sibling Janita Mae Killam

Back in 2007, Shaelyn’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had tumors on both of her ovaries and the cancer cell had already spread up to her lymph nodes. A number of surgeries within a few years cured her cancer. But, doctors believed she wouldn’t bear any kids. Well, that proved to be wrong as she gave birth to Shaelyn and Janita. 

How Much is the Net Worth of Shaelyn Cado Killam?

Shaelyn Cade Killam is too young to work, thus, her net worth comes from her parents. Her father Taran Killam owns a net worth of $4 million and her mother Cobie Smulders keeps an estimated net worth of $18 million.

Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders at athe Theater World Awards
Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders at the Theater World Awards
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Taran and Cobie earn their income through their acting career, which both her parents are quite successful in. Her mother landed roles in successful movies like Captian America: The Winter Soldier as Maria Hill and played Maria Hill in other MCU movies as well.

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Moving on Taran Killam, he’s been part of a number of movies that include Night School, Grown Ups 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014, and so on. With their part in the movies, they brought in a hefty amount of paycheck.

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As of 2020, Shaelyn and her family live in comfort and luxury in New York. With their combined net worth of $22 million, they purchased a condo worth nearly $4 million. Similarly, though Shaelyn has no abode of his own, his parents have a plethora of houses. Cobie and Taran had a house in New York City. However, they sold the house for a whopping $3.1 million.

Quick Facts of Shaelyn Cado Killam

How old is Shaelyn Cado Killam?

10 years old

What are the names of  Shaelyn Cado Killam’s parents?

Father: Taran Killam, Mother: Cobie Smulders

What is the name of Shaelyn Cado Killam’s sibling?

Sister: Janita Mae Killam

What is Shaelyn Cado Killam’s nationality?


Which ethnicity does Shaelyn Cado Killam belong to?


What is Shaelyn Cado Killam’s hair color?


Which color are Shaelyn Cado Killam’s eyes?

Light Blue

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