Raye Levine’ Married Life with Steven Spielberg’s Son!

Raye Levine is married to Sawyer Spielberg.
Born NameRaye Levine
Height5 feet 6 inches
HusbandSawyer Avery Spielberg
Net Worth$1 million
Weight55 kg

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Most of you guys might know Raye Levine but let us tell you guys, she is professionally an actress who until today performed in several short movies and series.

Raye Levine is one of those personalities who is famous for her work in the acting field plus with her relationship with renowned celebrity family. Want to know with whom she is related to and her career history, then keep on reading.

Married Life of Raye Levine

If you guys read the above heading, then you guys cracked the code here, the renowned family with whom she is connected with is the Steven Spielberg family. You got it right, Raye Levine is married to Sawyer Spielberg, who is the son of the TV industry pioneer, Steven Spielberg.

The NYC based actress Raye Levine tied her knot with the young Spielberg in October of 2018. Though the pair was famous in the showbiz, their marriage events were held quietly without any significant events because of which there is nothing much about their marital life in media.

But, there’s something more about Raye’s wedding dress. Well, the dress was actually designed by the Greek fashion designer, Sophia Kokosalaki; it’s one of her classic Euridice dresses.

Sophia took to her Instagram to share a photo of Raye and her mum-in-law, Kate Capshaw, trying out the wedding dress. She congratulated Raye and wished her the very best.

Personal Life of Raye Levine

Raye Levine is a struggling actress; as a result, her personal information isn’t that popular in the crowd. However, she completed her graduation from The William Esper Studio and The Cooper Union School of Architecture.

Net Worth of Raye Levine

Raye Levine, as an actress, played decent numbers of short movies and TV series. So, on her own, Raye accumulated a net worth of $1 million.

Now you might be thinking how did she manage to accumulate that income then let us inform you guys except for acting; she is also active in the film industry as the co-founder of Where Are They Going Theatre company.


Where Are They Going is a New York-based Theatre company, which is co-founded by Eric Svendsen, Brynne Kraynak, Raye Levine and her husband, Sawyer Spielberg.

Assets Controlled by Raye Levine

Nobody has published information related to the assets controlled by the actress Raye Levine, but let us tell you as the daughter-in-law of the billionaire filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, she is enjoying a lavishing lifestyle.

Raye’s father-in-law, Steven Spielberg, recently ordered a massive Yacht, which will cost an enormous fortune. The yacht is supposed to be 18 feet bigger than their previous ship and will be worth $250 million.

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Spielberg family also has an expensive estate in many places, as a member of the wealthy family, Levine might also enjoy all those properties.

Professional Life of Raye Levine

As stated above, Raye Levine worked in decent numbers of movies and Tv series in her acting career. She entered the showbiz from the short video, The Velvet Hammer (as Reema), which was released in 2011. Since then, she appeared in many short movies like Mistake Were Made (as Alice), Flash (Laurene), and Settling (as Amy).

Levine also showed her presence in comedy TV series, The Sonnet Project in 2014. Besides her acting career, she also produced a short drama, A Northern Star, in 2016.

Quick Facts

  • Her lover, Sawyer Spielberg has six siblings in his family.
  • Sawyer suffered from dyslexia calls for a reading disability that affects the ability of the brain to process language.
  • Raye has a collab with Lacausa Clothing which focused on manufacturing honest ad ethical outfit.
  • Levine’s husband in his family has six siblings who are committed to different sectors of the TV and music industry.
  • Did you know Raye can talk in Greek, Brooklyn, British RP, and Southern accents?
  • She’s a competitive-level figure skater and ballet and jazz dancer.

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