Everyone wants a little bit of magic to get what they wish for or to fulfill others wishes. What if some wish can come true without the blessing of a fairy godmother or some wizard, as the same scenario has transpired in the life of strictly come dancing winner Ore Oduba, after getting married to dream love now he has achieved further success in his career.

We will come up with details of his partner, wedding embarrassment along with a short bio of Ore Oduba.

A dream come true, from love affair to a wedding!

British News and sports presenter Ore Oduba is at the time of his life with success in the profession and personal life. Furthermore being married to dream love followed by an increase in fame is nothing less than a miracle. Many curious hearts must be wondering who could be his wife, well, the beauty is Portia who is an Irish TV presenter.

So the ‘Strictly come dancing’ champions had an inspiration and mentor to get all the way to final and win the trophy in his first step in professional dancing.

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The duo holds special romantic love relationship as Ore knew she was the girl when he first saw her in an event(2010) at Loughborough University where he studied.

While taking to Mirror, Ore expressed being grateful as he is living dreams and he couldn’t hide his emotion with the kid’s fairytale coming true stating:

“There are only two things I ever really dreamt of doing in my lifetime. One was marrying the girl of my dreams and I did that last year. “The second was dancing on Strictly. So I anticipated I would probably get quite emotional.”

As we look at the love life of the couple, they are adoring, and they share special connection. After being in love for more than three years, in Ores’ mind, he had a different name for the relationship as he wanted to take love to the next level. Every girl dreams of a romantic proposal to an engagement.

As excited and nervous he was, he came up with the proposal in a sensitive way. An extreme and genuine love cares for what his partner thinks.

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While talking about engagement Ore told his now-wife is not the one who appreciates public stunt or all show-up behavior. As for the instruction, Ore came up with a clever way of a proposal for engagement.

Ore came with a proposal to Portia as he asked for a to a trip to Dubai without any information. As he said:

“She thought I was going to propose to her up there, so I decoyed her with a ticket to Dubai.”  

So the pleasant surprise came after the trip when lovebirds were in Portia’s family home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Ore explained the scenario with a little fun to the emotional story:

“I proposed to her in front of all her family. And that was also tearful. I was a blubbering wreck. “I was an absolute mess. I couldn’t get my words out. She cried too, eventually – though she was concerned about the jewellery,”

If we look at the confident and funny personality of Ore, he is more of a sensitive person. He couldn’t hide how much he loves to his dream girl as he was all weepy kid in the marriage.


The couple got married on November 2015. As he talks about his wedding day he couldn’t hide his sensitiveness. Normally it is a Bride who is seen all teary and weary, but you will love this story, let me give a name “A crying wedding kid,” just joking.

The lover boy was full of emotions as he brawled all day in the wedding. He confessed:

“On my wedding day I cried from 11 in the morning until 2am that night.”

Further added,

“There’s a picture of me wailing, my best men there laughing and Portia absolutely cracking up next to me – I am the only one crying.”

It’s been almost years and a half since Ore got married to his wife, Portia. Many vulturous eyes will be on duo’s perfect happy life as they have to face several questions regarding children. While facing media Ore opened the sole reason they don’t have any children. (UPDATED – The duo welcomed their first child, a son in January 2018. They later named the child Roman Oduba. He is already 1 year old.)

It’s not that the couple doesn’t want, but it’s time schedule and being busy making it hard for them to concentrate on the matter. The happily married couple would have a complete family if they have children to share, wouldn’t it be.

If we look at the professional career of British-born Ore Oduba, it is all ignited up. After being Champion in ‘Strictly come dancing’ with professional partner  Joanne Clifton he has achieved a new height in his profession. In June of 2017, he hosted Ariana Granade’s one love tribute concert in Manchester

Short Wiki-Bio of Ore Oduba 

British television news and sports presenter Ore Oduba was born on November 17, 1985. As of now, he is 33 years of age. He is born to Nigerian parents in London. He lived along with other siblings a brother and two sisters in Family.

During his young age, he has to travel a lot as he frequently used to shuttle between Nigeria and UK with his Lawyer father.

Ore has established himself quite well as Sports and TV presenter. Furthermore, he is involved in show hosting for celebrities. No wonder he comes in the list of a highest earning TV presenter.

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He earns around $50,000 per year as presenter job only. Involvement in several income generating activities adds more to his net worth.

Ore seems good hearted and a family person. It’s no surprise he has got the wife of his dream. We wish him a successful year ahead in his profession as well as personal level.

So, how much is his net worth? As of 2019, Oduba has an estimated net worth of $145 million.