Nowadays, a new trend in the society has flourished that the youngsters are starting to find the Nerdy or Geeky look cool.

Science Communicator and Journalist Cara Santa Maria is also a host of the show that implies and talks Nerdy as she hosts the popular shows; ‘Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria’, and ‘Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.’ She is also a winner of the ‘Emmy and Knight Foundation Award.’

A person with a brilliant mind and expert in the field of science, Cara Santa Maria is currently single though she had many affairs and relationships in the past. It seems that she is not yet married.

Is Cara Santa Maria really single or has a boyfriend?

In 2011 there were some rumors about her dating with 43 years old, comedian and director, Seth MacFarlane. Although they never actually confirmed their relationship many of her fans really did speculate them to be a couple and those were only just rumors.

Before the dating rumors with MacFarlane, she had been in a relationship with 61-year-old,   political commentator and television host Bill Maher.

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According to NY Daily Bill has long insisted that he would never marry, but he told his friend that he might break his own ‘non- marrying’ rule with girlfriend Cara Santa. Bill confirmed that he and Cara are serious but cautious, in his statement to the NY Daily, he said;

“Neither one of us believes in god or marriage, so I guess a big church wedding is out.” 

But the relationship didn’t last long, as they broke up without any official statements. She has been in a relationship with Bill (2009-2011). And by looking at her past relations, it seems she likes to date men older than herself.

Cara’s Career in journalism and her Net worth;

Cara moved to Los Angeles so she could start her career in science communication. She was a regular contributor to the Techknow on Al Jazeera America and Real Future on Fusion. Cara also reports on the local issues for SoCal Connected on KCET.

She also hosts the digital series for the popular reality show America’s Greatest Makers on TBS. Cara is also a founding member of the Nerd Brigade, and she also confounded the annual science communication retreat #SciCommCamp.

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Besides her career in media, she taught biology and psychology courses to university undergraduates and high school students in Texas and New York.

The Journalist and scientist Cara Santa Maria has a height of 5feet and 3 inches tall (160cm). She earns a lot of salary from her several jobs in media so, her net worth can be estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars, but her net worth is not yet revealed.