Hollywood is also known as the city of controversies and scandal were many actors and actress get in it, among them, KIM KARDASHIAN is on the top.  KIM KARDASHIAN is one of the most controversial celebrity in Hollywood who always gets a highlight on the controversial news, etc. She has been getting to the top of the fame with controversies and also known as the queen of controversy.

Latest controversial news on KIM KARDASHIAN

1 Controversy On Her Tanned Face

Caption: Photoshoot of KIM KARDASHIAN tanned face on her Twitter account.

Photo Credit: Mirror

This is the latest controversial tweet by Kim, it has been said that she has tanned her face in a photo shoot and posted it on her twitter account. After releasing that photo, she got a blackface accusation. Later on, she deleted the original tweet but shared again later. Now, it is the profile picture of her twitter.


Many of her Twitter fan and followers defies her dark face that she was trying to sell her makeup product while others blamed it to the lighting of the photo shoot. She said to defend this controversy ‘I was really tan when shot the image.’

2 Kim Kardashian was shamed

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's son
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son

Photo Credit: Youtube

In this latest news, she shared a cute photo of her son (SAINT WEST) in the backseat of a car; it was criticized by real concerned moms, who argued to place her son in the rear-facing car. Saint is an 18-month-old son of Kim Kardashian. The image took fierce debate of California law that requires children to be two year’s old to sit at the rear-face seat.

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One of the Facebook user writing:

“Can this woman not post anything without getting criticized? Mind your own business.”

Kim told dailymail.com:

“The child should be secured in a manners that complies with height and weight limits specified by the manufacture of the car seat.”

3 Kim Kardashian threatens Caitlyn Jenner

“I will come for you.” Kim threatens Caitlyn (stepfather), this two are so close to each other.

Caption: Kim Kardashian threatens Caitlyn Jenner

Photo Credit: Mirror

Their close relationship has been damaged and with KIM clashing with Caitlyn Jenner in the latest episode of keeping up with the Kardashian.

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Kim said to Caitlyn:

“mom’s obviously upset about it so, it these are your feelings those are your feeling, but mom feels a certain way about you and she has the right.”

She further added:

“I’m going to read it and tell you honestly… talk bad about my mom, I come for you.”

4 Tweet about Manchester terror attack

Kim tweeted about the Manchester terror attack, which made her found at the center of the controversy with the attraction of many people in negative attention. After too much negative attention she deleted that tweet.

Caption: Kim tweet on Manchester terror attack

Photo Credit: Twitter

5 Promoting a controversial pill

Kim posted on Instagram to promote a prescription drug called Diclegis, which fights for morning sickness. People get pissed off with her for intense criticism for failing to include disclaimers for drugs.

Caption: Kim Kardashian promoting a drug

Photo Credit: Mirror

This is how a Twitter user reacts on this promo:

“Is she promoting these pills because find them helpful-or is she doing these post simply to cash in?”

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