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Kendall Jenner Unsafe: Is It Because Of Kim’s Gunpoint Incident?

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Kendall Jenner, well known hottie for her uniquely placed lip tattoo and for her modeling now fears for her own life. She claimed that she does not feel safe on her own house. This Thursday, she gave this statement about home sickness and also said that she is now living to her family friend’s home. Is Kendall Jenner unsafe because of the Kim’s gunpoint incident? Lets find out!

Is Kendall Jenner Unsafe?

Recently, Kim Kardashian was held captive for the jewellery robbery at Paris hotel. Although the robber are not found or detected clearly, Kendall thinks this incident to be because of social media. Because of that, she is suffering from anxiety.

kendall jenner geek look

Apart from that, she also survived stalker case. Her rumoured stalker, Shavaughn McKenzie’s incident is yet another. She is the prime witness in the case. Kendell stated about stalker to the court. She said:

“I saw him sitting in her home’s driveway. He was tucking his head between knees.”

Kendall drove around him, she then realized that he already entered in the house’ compound. After that Kendall asked him to leave and called her friend for helping her. The case is now in continuing phase.

Is Kendall Jenner Unsafe in Her Own House?

Kendall is now feeling unsafe in her own house. Even if Jenner has installed advanced security system that guards her house 24*7, she feels something is tying her.

kendall jenner house
kendall jenner house

According to TMZ, Kendall stated feeling unsafe in her own house. She further also said that the way she is now is something never happened to her.

Influence of Social Media on Kendall Jenner

Recently, the incident of Kim Kardashian was speculated to be because of Social Media. In her case, she is popular in all over the world because of her uniqueness in modelling. As Kendell also looks for uniqueness even for her tattoo, she might think her to be next target for the robbers.

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