Some of the actors and actresses are so much devoted to their acting. In fact, their on-screen chemistry makes many viewers believe that are even married in real life. Same goes to old Hollywood actors, Mariette Hartley, and James Garner.

Mariette Hartley and James Garner appeared together on popular series of television commercial advertising Polaroid cameras. Marriette also grabbed Emmy Award for her television performances. Meanwhile,  the duo became one of the favorite American stars. But wait, Mariette is not married to James in her real life. Then, who is the real-life partner of Hartley? Moreover, what is the figure of her net worth? Let’s find out.

Who is Mariette Hartley Husband?

Mariette Hartley tied the knot with her current husband, Jerry Sroka in 2005. Jerry is a renowned actor and producer. The duo exchanged their vows privately in presence of close friends and family.

Actors Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka,

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The duo already spent over 13 years of married life and still shares good bonding. Currently, she is living her blissful conjugal relationship. In addition, the couple also never broke news about conflicts and extramarital affairs.

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Even after more than a decade of their marital relationship, Hartley and her husband Sroka are yet to welcome their first child together. However, both Hartley and Sroka have children from their past relationships. Before exchanging his wedding vows with Hartley, Sroka was already a father of two children, Warren Sroka, Liz Sroka, though their mother is still a mystery. That said, who was the former husband of Mariette? Let’s explore below. 

What About Mariette Hartley Previous Married life?

Mariette is not new to marriage. Mariette Hartley covers three married life up to this moment. Firstly, in 1960 she tied the knot with her boyfriend turned husband John Seventa. Later, she divorced him in 1962.

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Secondly, she united in wedlock with her lover Patrick Boyriven in 1978. However, her marriage with the second husband also ended up in divorce in 1996. The actress never opens up about her reason behind their separation.

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In their 18 years’ married life together, Mariette and Boyriven welcomed two children. The duo became parents with their son, Sean Boyriven on August 30, 1975, and daughter  Justine E. Boyriven born on June 22, 1978.

Mariette Hartley Net Worth

As of 2019, the estimated net worth of Mariette Hartley is $6 million. She primarily amassed her wealth from her TV acting career as a character actress. The average annual salary of a Tv actress is around $15K to $25K.

Mariette Hartley At Her Young Age, 

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Moreover, she hosted some of the long-running TV shows which intensively boots her fortune. The average payroll of the TV host is $20.35 per hour.

Furthermore, she has been a guest star in several shows. The normal earning of a guest star is $700 per day. In addition, the actress endorsed the See Clearly Method, a commercial eye exercise program in the early 2000s.

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Besides her profession as an actress, she is also a humanitarian and social worker. She works as a national spokesperson for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Likewise, Hartley even involves in combating mental illness and prevention of Handgun Violence.

Moreover, she is the author of her book, Breaking The Silence which is available in Amazon. The Kindle price of the book is $8.69 and the hardcover is $19.99.

Quick Facts About Mariette Hartley

What is Mariette Hartley height?

5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)

What is Mariette Hartley age?

78 years

Who are Mariette Hartley Parents?

Mary Watson and Paul Hembree Hartley

Who is Mariette Hartley Sibling?

Younger brother Paul Hartley, a writer and research philosopher.

Which University Mariette Hartley attended?

Graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology (currently known as Carnegie Mellon University)