The name Bobby Larios is quite popular among the Mexican media industry especially in the world of the telenovelas. But the actor was once even more famous as the husband of another prominent Latin-figure, Niurka Marcus. Larios was in a married relationship with Marcus for around two years before they eventually split in late 2007.

Independently, Bobby Larios is also quite famous for his role in shows like Velo de Novia (2003), Clase 406 (2002), and Valerie (2009). But, after the first decade, he has somewhat remained a thin air in the industry. So to know what has been the reason in behind, just tag along in the article below? Also know what the actor is up to these days, along with his affairs (past and present), and even the details involving his net worth’s figure.

Bobby Larios’ Net Worth and Career

The Mexican actor, Bobby Larios’ estimated net worth is currently at around $1.3 million. The actor is said to have had made this fortune basically from his TV career. Larios had been in the showbiz since the early 1990s having being appeared in various Mexican shows and projects. Likewise, the fact can’t be ignored, Larios was starring around the time when even the Mexican government claimed, that telenovelas were Mexico’s leading export product.
Bobby Larios
Bobby Larios
However, it wasn’t until the late ’90s, Larios started to gain recognition. As in the year, he got another supporting yet notable role in a telenovela, Mujeres Enganadas. Larios then followed with another small character, Mauro in a film, Tres Mujeres.
Three years later, Larios would again act in a telenovela as Julián de la Colina in Las Vías del Amor. Larios then went on to act on another opera, Clase 406, only this time the project was relatively hit than his previous ones. In 2003, Larios would finally star as a lead character in Velo de Novia with his former wife, Niurka Marcos.

What’s so unusual in all of these? Despite only a handful of projects, we can still see Larios enjoying life like a major-celeb. Not to mention, he was also once associated with his ex-wife, Marcos. (Who herself was or is still among the richest Mexican stars with an astounding net worth of around $8 million

And if we are to talk about his possession of fancy and extravagant stuff, Larios’ beloved dog, a Cockapoo would surely be among the list. Given the poodle may have easily cost him a price ranging from $1000 to even $2000 in current market value.

Bobby Larios’ Current Marital Status

Bobby Larios as of recent is being quite open with his love life towards the media. In fact, we can see a bundle of pictures of him with what very much seems to be his girlfriend, who goes by an Instagram handle @evelynumpierrez. Unfortunately, nothing more than this has been surfaced about this gorgeous blonde. But if one is to take a close look at it, we can see for ourselves, as to how much close Larios really is with his new sweetheart. Be it either cuddling up in a resort or carpooling, the chemistry between them can’t be doubted even by an ounce.

Before this anonymous beauty, Bobby Larios was previously in a marital relationship with an Argentinian international, Daniela Eva Mogetti. Larios met Mogetti somewhere around the time of his divorce with his second wife, Niurke Marcos (more on this down below).
Bobby Larios with Daniella Eva Mogetti
Bobby Larios with Daniella Eva Mogetti

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According to People En Espanol, Larios and Moggeti engaged in August in the year, 2007. After that Larios wasted no time in marrying Mogetti eventually having a ceremony in a ritual inspired by Buddhism and Kabbalah. A guru united the then lovebirds in the month of October in 2007 on a beach in Miami. Sadly Latin Gossip later came in reporting that Daniela had suffered a miscarriage following her pregnancy with Larios’ baby.

Relationship with Niurka Marcos

Before, Mogetti, Bobby Larios was famously and equally in a controversial marital relationship with Cuban singer and actress, Niurka Melanie Marcos Calles aka Niurka Markus. As mentioned earlier, Larios was Marcos’ hubby for only two years span from 2004 to 2006.
Even the early start of Hispanic couple’s romance was full of scandals and disputes. Larios’ the then future wife Marcos was in fact already in a relationship with a television producer, Juan Osorio with whom the future Mrs. Larrio also had a son, Emilio Osorio in 2003.
Bobby Larios with Niuka Marcus
Bobby Larios with Niuka Marcus

Source: The Broken Chair

To state the irony it was Osorio who had cast Larios as Marcos’ romantic interest in one of his tv projects, “Velo de Novia”. (Fun Fact: This was Larios’ first-ever starring role.) But little did Osorio know that by starring Larrio with Marcos, he was actually pairing them in real life, too. Well as for Larrio and Marcos, it didn’t take them long to begin a real-life love relationship behind the scenes of “Velo de Novia”. And yes, this was without Osorio’s knowing. What’s even more unusual about this?
Osorio and Marcos were already in an engaged affair at the time. Then On “Dia de los Inocentes” (the Hispanic version of “April’s Fools Day”) of 2004, Marcos showed the world, that she has decided to choose her heart. Subsequently, Marcos announced that she was leaving Osorio for Larios. And even though Marcos made this revelation in April Fool’s Day, it was in no way any sort of joke for that matters. But the day sure marked the commencing time for Larios and Marcus’ official love journey. However, Larios and Marcos were also ought to face their share of ups and downs.

Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos; A Controversial Couple

The pair, Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos went on to become a notoriously talked about couple, earning the nickname of “the controversy couple” across the Latin pop culture. Larios and Marcos somehow were always a paparazzi’s fodder. Many trade publishers even began talking about them on the daily basis so much so that the couple was often the headlines for shows like Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca” and Telemundo’s “Cotorreando”.
The harassment from the media towards the pair grew so severe that Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcus had to even buy a mansion outside Mexico City. In the meantime, the couple also home produced a reality show, named “Lo Veremos Todo con Niurka y Bobby” (We Will See Everything With Niurka and Bobby). And it was around this time people came to know that Larios’, too was a married man prior to Marcos.
During the 1990s, he was known to have been married to a woman, Otilia Moralo, with whom he had a son, Santiago. During the recording of the show, Larios’ son frequently visited the set of We will see everything about Niurka and Bobby. His face and identity were vague for most of the time. Rumor also had it, because of this visit, Larios’ ex-wife had threatened him of suing, should the boy’s face ever reveals to the television audience.
During the very show, Larios and Marcos also made some comments about Cristina Saralegui. Saralegui didn’t take the comments too well. Saralegui later corresponded by inviting them to her talk show, where she then proceeded to let them know how much she disliked the comments. And soon after that, in the consequence, the producers pulled off Larios-Marcos reality show off the air. Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos then went on to make a rather suggestive calendar of their own. This again made the media and public talk more about them.

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Meanwhile, they also had offers to appear in the third season of Mexico’s version of Big Brother, (Big Brother VIP III), where Larios was to co-star with Jorge Kahwagi and several others. While Larios straightly declined to participate in the show, Marcos accepted it quite contrastingly. Later when his partner had enough of Big Brother, Larios focused his career on becoming a singer.
Unfortunately, with generally receiving bad fan reviews, Larios’ concerts didn’t go so well for him. But that was just the beginning of the worst, as in the year, 2006, havoc again fell upon him. Only this time, it was rather on his love life. The year brought the news announcing that once the iconic couple (Bobby Larios and Marcos) had broken up which was because of an alleged reason, “Marcos had cheated on Larios.”

Bobby Larios’ Divorce with Niurka Marcos

Ultimately it all led to their divorce which was set to be finalized on June 28, 2006. Later on, sometime around the very date, People en Español, confirmed that Niurka Marcos and Bobby Larios had finally signed on their divorce papers. Following the separation, Loria’s ex-had this to say to La Oreja:
I am very happy, very relaxed. I think the monstrosity that this man made me live through is passing. And I can’t wait until August 14th to sign final papers and get this weight off my back.
As for the divorcee counterparts; Bobby didn’t say much for himself but only came up with a picture of him kissing an 18-year-old girl just the following night of his divorce.
The year after that, he even posed nude for another calendar and was already expecting a child with his then-new girlfriend Eva Mogetti. Despite the divorce, Marcos wasn’t still quite done with Larios. In the month of July 2007, she blatantly made a public comment about her former husband who was then playing a gay character in a play, Descarados (Shameless).
Marcos said on July 4, 2007, to the “La Oreja,”
I believe the times I lived with him he wasn’t gay. I don’t know what he did with his body, his soul, his feelings. At that time when I left him, he was normal.
After this final verbals towards her former husband, Niurka Marcos went on to tie yet another new knot; this time with Cuban national Yanixán Texido who at the time was her fiancé since Valentine’s Day (2007). But, Marcos didn’t last long with Texido either as their marriage soon followed an eventual divorce on Feb 6, 2011.

Quick Facts: Bobby Larios

  • Bobby Larios was born on May 6 in 1970, in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • He was born to father, Diego Hernández, and mother, Doña Chuy or simply popular as Chucha.
  • Early in his childhood, Bobby Larios lost his sister, Alejandra to cancer.
  • Larios also has a younger brother.
  • Bobby Larios hails under the star sign, Taurus.

Where is Bobby Larios originally from? 

Mexico City, Mexico

Where does Bobby Larios stay at the moment? 

Doral, Florida, USA

From where did Bobby Larios graduate?

Art Schoool

When did Bobby Larios start her acting journey?