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Leyla Santiago is a known name in the field of journalism. Santiago is Mexican News Correspondent of CNN. Her passion for covering worldwide stories is a well-known media buzz that she bagged an Emmy Award for unfolding wildfire in California.

Strengthening a petrified heart, she has enquired into deadly natural disasters of San Juan, Puerto Rico and consequently reported in popular papers. Furthermore, the anchorwoman, Leyla Santiago is applauded for her bravery coverage and commendable reporting.

So, is Leyla Santiago, passionate news correspondent married? Who is the lucky guy, she is married to? Let’s explore her personal life regarding marriage, husband, the career as the news correspondent, Family, and net-worth. Shall we?

Who Is The Husband of Leyla Santiago?

Talking about the relationship, the valiant anchorwoman, who always put her firm belief in unveiling stories, has tied the knot.  Yes! Leyla Santiago, whom you have seen across screen investigating deadly natural calamities, has exchanged wedding vows. Her husband is Zac Gooch, videographer at WRAL TV.

Leyla Santiago with her husband, Zac Gooch
Leyla Santiago with her husband, Zac Gooch.

He often posts their pictures on social media. In the year 2014, Gooch uploaded their happy duo face on facebook.

Similarly, Gooch is enchanted with the dauntless professionalism of his wife, Santiago. Once, he up fronted Instagram post with Santiago’s video of reporting hurricane for CNN.

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On the one hand, the pair is maintaining confidentiality on their marriage details as well as children plans. To date, they do not have children. It might be a duo’s commitment to their worktables.

Know Leyla Santiago Net Worth. What Is Leyla Santiago’s Net worth?

Want to know Leyla Santiago Net Worth. She is a well-known personality in the media. Who can forget, how dauntless she was while reporting life-threatening hurricane? As she works as the news correspondent for CNN international, her pay assumed to be very handsome. Leyla Santiago net worth is yet to reveal in media.

As of now, she has an estimated net worth of not less than $1million. A CNN correspondent makes an annual salary of $87,537-$185,729.

Leyla Santiago Wiki-bio and Career

Before recognition in CNN, Santiago used to cover news report for small organizations. Then, she started her journalism career at KBAK organization, Bakersfield, California. Now the organization changed its name to KBFX. She worked as a reporter for KTUU, where she traveled Alaska branch and Charlottesville, Virginia for assignments.

Image result for leyla santiago
Leyla Santiago.

Santiago also won hearts, while undertaking a task in WRAL. On the context of working, their team bagged Alfred I, Dupont award for the documentary called “The journey Alone” It showcased the lives of illegal migrants from Central America and Mexico. Similarly, she earned Mark Twain award for her unbelievable support for the team and effortless contribution.

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From the year 2016, she deployed as the international news correspondent for CNN. She visits different places, collects the real lives stories and presents them enveloping the real concerns. Hence, she is a famous name in journalism premises. Moreover, People are in awe of her actual story coverage and her fearless contribution at the time of horror.

Leyla Santiago Bio-Wiki, Age, Early Life, and Family

Born on July 12, Santiago holds Hispanic Ethnicity. Though her ancestral is from Mexico, she grew up well in America since early childhood. Along, mother and father, she has twin siblings of brother and sister. She accomplished her schooling from local school and graduated from the University of Florida. She achieved a degree in Journalism.

Image result for leyla santiago family
Leyla Santiago reunites with her Aunt Hilda in Corozal, Puerto Rico.

Image Source; CNN

Though she is in hectic schedules, traveling from place to place and reporting news stories, she managed to visit her parents during the brutal hailstorm. It almost damaged her native land, Puerto Rico. She spent a brief, wonderful time with family and they were very glad to see their daughter after the dreadful hailstorm.

Leyla Santiago Body Measurement

  • Height = 5 feet
  • Weight =  55 kg
  • Hair = Black
  • Age = Brown