Three times gold medalist, Sean Miller is an American Basketball coach at Arizona Wildcats.  Amidst his lifetime, he has been honored with the gold medal when he was a player, assistant coach and head coach consecutively. Do you know about Sean Miller married life? On miller steering, Wildcats revamped trophy for every victory. Only, Sean Miller recorded 69 wins in American history of sports.

Recently, Coach Miller is in headlines for leakage of wiretap news, where the talk of influencing recruiting decision with the payment, is recorded. Though firing Miller seems a long way, the internet is buzzing around whether he could receive more money on his dismissal. We will explore about Sean Miller wife in the article.

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Get an exclusive story on Sean miller’s Wiretap basketball scandal, contract issues, married life, professional achievements, Wiki-bio and updated Net worth.

Wiretap Basketball Scandal of Sean Miller

Sean Miller, an honor of basketball game has lately fallen within corruption investigation in college basketball. FBI released wiretap that recites Miller into bribery games for recruiting the top player in Arizona.

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Sean Miller not coaching for Arizona after wiretap bribe

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A 7 foot, DeAndre Ayton, listed as number two prospect for NBA, was a player, that Coach Miller discussed paying $100,000 so that he could bribe Ayton in the team.  The wiretap comprises the voices of Miller and Christian Dawkins. Moreover, Dawkins even asked Miller if he should talk in over assistant coach regarding the payment, but Miller advanced in and responded to deal with him directly.

After the hype of wiretap, University prohibited Miller to coach game of Wildcats against Oregon. Now, Sean Miller is severely under FBI investigation for corruption in college basketball.

Will Sean Miller Get More Money If Fired From Coach Position?

The report says that Sean Miller has the vague contract, which will benefit him a double pay if dismissed from the former position. Similarly, ESPN tweeted the same virtual cause of contract that does not make sense. And the Miller contract states;

“the University’s sole obligation to Coach shall be the payment of his Base Salary as provided in Section III (and where applicable, any accrued Additional Compensation earned under Section IV before the date of such termination).”

In other words, there could be the possible legal fight if Arizona fires him. As per the Forbes, the contract is incomplete, missing something relevant.

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Coach Sean Miller. Sean Miller Wiki and Net Worth Have Gone Viral In The Internet World.

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According to the University of Arizona, Miller won’t get more money, as base salary and additional compensation are paid after termination. It will be a case only if Miller gets the dismissal from his current coaching job.

Who Is The Wife of Coach Sean Miller? Does Sean Miller Have Children?

Sean Miller has tied the knot to high school sweetheart Amy Christine Watterson. He was a transferred student skilled in playing basketball, while she used to be a cheerleader. Being in the same University, the couple fell for each other. They dated and eventually married in the year 1993.

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Arizona Wildcats Head Coach Sean Miller’s wife tweeted the family photo. Sean Miller Wife and Children.


The couple is blessed with three children- Austin, Cameron, and Braden. Amy is mostly known for her humorous side. For instance, her twitter name uniquely labeled as @abballwidow, and it refers to ‘a basketball widow’. It has an explicit meaning, where she recalled a fact that her husband is seldom in-house.

Sean Miller Net Worth, Career, Salary

Taking a position as head coach t in Xavier, the team won 26 games, advancing over NCCA tournament. As a result, he was selected as an eligible candidate for head coach n Arizona. Initially, Sean Miller turned it down but accepted the offer after few months. On his debut, Miller uplifted Arizona into 16-15 records- 10-8 in Pacific and 10 in conferences.

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Coach Miller directs his team during their NCAA men’s basketball game

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Arizona climbed to the successive ladder when Sean Miller Miller joined in the role of head coach since 2009. The first 12 months, Sean Miller labored exhaustively, later adding eight talented players in the team. After a year in Arizona, wildcats successively accumulated vicious victory. Their statistical improvement displayed firmness in the group and rebounding skill of each player. From 2010-2011, their stats began to change, preferably mounted on the edges, never seen before. Wildcats reshaped in the single seasonal guidance of Miller.

Guiding for seven consecutive seasons, Arizona has gathered 124 wins, accompanied by only losing 22 games and hence, Arizona counted as one of a three power school in bagging championships.  The credit goes to the intensive effort of Sean Miller in strengthening the team. Now it is high time to reveal the
Sean Miller net worth. His net worth is $2.6 million as of 2018.

Sean Miller Wiki-Bio, Basketball Statistics, Education

Let’s talk about Sean Miller Wiki-Bio. Born on November 17, 1968, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Sean Miller is a son of Pennsylvania high school basketball coach, John Miller. Since, early days, Miller was a point guard under his father, where he learned ball handling skills. Those skills were so popular that it featured in The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, during 1979.

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Coach Sean Miller

Image Source;  Fox Sports

In high schools, Sean Miller earned 27 points and 11 assists. Then he chose Pittsburgh for graduation as well as playing basketball. Sean Miller played along well-known names of today Charles Smith and Jerome Lane within the team. In the college, Sean Miller earned 128 games played, 1,282 points, 10.0 points per game, 102 steals, 744 assists and 261 rebounds.

Amidst 2010-2011, Sean Miller was the promising star as 17 all-time scorers from Pitt and excellent 3-point shooter.