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Is Kimber Eastwood Married Again? She Divorced Anthony Gaddie in 1990!

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One of the famous American make-up artists who also entered the field of producing, Kimber Eastwood is someone who is popular among actresses as well. She married Anthony Gaddie back in the year 1983, but split within 7 years of time. Is Kimber Eastwood married again? Or is she seeing someone recently? Let’s find out now!

Is Kimber Eastwood Married Again? Is There Any Linkups?

If you don’t know Kimber’s married life before, let us tell you that she married twice. The first person she married to was Anthony Gaddie for the first time in the year 1983, but something happened in between them in 7 years of time and then she divorced him.

Kimber Eastwood Married Twice

After split, she was seen hooking up with renowned film producer Shawn Midkiff. The duo married and began their new life. Talking about their appearance in public, it is very rare case. However in the year 2016, the duo was seen together for celebrating Kim’s mother’s birthday.

What About Kimber Eastwood’s Children?

Kimber Eastwood Children

Talking about her kids, she does have a child. Named as Clinton Eastwood Gaddie, he is from her first husband. He was born on the year 1984, February. After him, she never had child. It is still unknown whether she does want or not next child from Shawn Midkiff.

Kimber’s Relation with Her Father and Mother

You surely have heard the name Clinton Eastwood don’t you? He is one legendary actor praised and appealed the most. Kim is his daughter together with Roxanne Tunis.

Clinton Eastwood and Roxanne Tunis

Clinton dated Roxanne in 1960s and then married her in mid-1970s. The duo was living together for more than a decade of time and gave birth to their first child Kimber Lynn Eastwood. The news of them having daughter came later, around after 5 years or more; quite secretive, eh?

In the year 1997, Kim made statement that was controversial, or rather say critics to her father. She mentioned about how his father went far when she needed him the most. This shows that her relationship with Clinton Eastwood is not as we expect, but her relation with Roxanne is pretty amazing.

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