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Who is Madison Beer Dating Now? Justin Bieber’s Name as Boyfriend Came out Recently!

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Don’t you think time passes by much faster? Once a 16 years old boy sang Baby and made us all fan of his, and now his gossips and affairs are the things that gives us hunch of his life. We are talking about Justin Bieber here, but we are not talking about his love life here. Last time his name came out being one to ask out Pamela Anderson while now his name came out being together with Madison Beer. Well, is Justin dating Madison or someone else? In this column we will be discussing about Madison Beer dating life and also all fuss of Justin-Madison affairs!

Is Madison Beer Dating Justin Bieber?

Before going directly to the topic, one thing should be clear to all. That is hanging around with someone differs from hanging out. If someone is spotted with another person, it does not mean them to be dating. This very thing has been common issue in celebrities’ life as well.

About two month ago, Justin was seen having dinner together with Madison. That fateful day was January 14th, exactly one month prior to The Valentine’s Day.

Justin Bieber and Madison Beer One

Not just that, their fans also spotted them walking by the woods in daylight. Its not rare for people to speculate them, as the pictures of Justin lying on her lap and other pictures worked as proof. From these pictures, anyone can speculate them to be hanging out.

baby baby

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Later, the real thing came out to the media. The alleged duo was not in relationship at all. Instead, Justin was revealed as Love Guru who helped her and advised her for love life. Also Madison claimed Justin to be just one of her friends.

Madison Beer Kissing one

utah ✨✨✨

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Who is Madison Beer Dating With?

The hot actress is not hooking up with Justin Bieber but with Jack Gilinsky, who is one of the well-known singers. As mentioned in Who Dates Who, The duo started seeing each other since the year 2014 and also in 2016 the couple celebrated their anniversary.

2 years ✔️

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As mentioned by Daily Mail, the duo was seen on a Miami Beach recently. It is assumed that the duo wanted to keep their life private and free from all torture, but then again their fans do got chance to see them from close. Madison wore white bikini which surely made her look hotter.

Madison kissing Jack

From our point of view, we find Madison to be lucky, as she has friend who advise her and has boyfriend who is hot and handsome.

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