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Who is Kelly Osbourne Boyfriend? She Is Rumoured To Be Dating English Man!

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Being a celeb or bigwig simply means a total stop to casual meets and dates. As they are persuaded by their fans and followers most of times, they are not able to enjoy their life to the fullest like before. Similar thing happened to renowned singer Kelly Osbourne. The lady with followers more than actress is dating someone and there is chaos in news tabloids. Who might she be dating to? Who is her boyfriend? Well today we are going to uncover about Kelly Osbourne boyfriend and rumours about her affairs!

Kelly Osbourne Boyfriend: Who is He?

As per the viral news around, Kelly is currently dating Kes Glozier, who is one renowned English editor. It is said that the relation started through the help from mutual friend. The relationship is not confirmed by both persona though. We too are trying to confirm the news for now.

Kelly Osbourne and Kes Glozier
Kelly Osbourne and Kes Glozier

In June 2016, TV3, the gossip about Kelly and Kes came to highlight:

“They do want to be together but not in fast pace. They want to know more about other through dating and talking.”

But what confirmed the news was the statement given by Kelly about her future child. According to her, she wants to raise her children with great care and respect in England. Well we know Kes is of British origin and now here she shows her love towards English man and England.

Osbourne’s Previous Boyfriends?

Before the news about relationship with Kes, Osbourne was linked with another celeb Dustin Lynch. Although it was just a rumour before, it turned to be more suspicious in time. As they were seen publicly in many events, they were speculated to be in relation.

In May 2016, People, the inner source claim Kelly and Dustin to be friends only. But the source’s statement became paradox when in an interview by Mail Online proved them to be hooking up.

The speculation came to end when Kelly’s instagram account sparkled because of new pic with Dustin where she claimed herself about him being her boyfriend.

I really miss my boyfriend @dustinlynchmusic 😢 #ImCountryNow 😈

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on

On the other hand, Dustin claimed them to be best friends, not more than that. Well it is still not clear to us all whether she is dating Dustin or Kes, we will surely update with you as soon as we confirm the rumours and news.

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