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Is American Singer Cody Simpson Dating Someone After Gigi Hadid? Who is His Girlfriend Then?

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For the musicians and singer who are always travelling somewhere, they are not usually single. Even if they break up with their partner, they are likely to be seen with new partner soon enough. Following this quest, American singer Cody Simpson is also seen being close to someone else after breakup with Gigi Hadid. Scroll down to know who is Cody Simpson dating and their love life!

Is Cody Simpson Dating Someone? Who is His Girlfriend?

Currently, Cody Simpson is more interested in real-time girlfriend than just another model. Sierra Swartz, who is the Californian model, is Cody’s girlfriend for now. Apart from being just a model, she is also best known as survivor of Santa Barbara Massacre.

Cody Simpson and Sierra Swartz

The duo was seen together in different public places, with their hands crossed. They were seen in Malibu Guitar Festival. In this festival, Cody was having performance while she might have come there to cheer him. Also, they were seen in night club named West Hollywood for late night party. The exact date and time of their first meet, and the way they started dating is not disclosed though.

Sierra Swartz is considered to be lucky and made for each other type for Cody. Some also say that the meaning of her survival in massacre is to be together with Cody as well.

Cody Simpson’s Dating History

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid Kissing

Before Sierra, Cody was dating Gigi Hadid, current girlfriend of Zayn Malik. How their relationship started is just another mystery, but it is stated that they were separated in the year 2015. For now, Gigi is living happily with Zayn Malik in Malik’s LA house.

In 2015, Billboard, Cody made a statement of always loving Gigi Hadid. Does this mean he loves her now too? Is he faking relationship with Sierra? Well we do not know all that stuff!

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