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Who is Nona Gaye Dating after Breakup with Prince Rogers Nelson? Who is Her Boyfriend? Is She Married?

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Well known as romance queen and a persona who is able to swipe away hearts of millions of fans is Nona Gaye. She is successful enough to take a soul out of a person with her song. For a lady like that, her fans surely want to dig out her love life, dating and married life. As she is already connected with more than one person as dating; we will today uncover the total fact about her. Let’s us know who’s Nona Gaye dating now after breaking up with previous boyfriend.

Is Nona Gaye Dating Someone? Is She Single or Married?

If we are talking about who she is dating, we will discuss that later. Firstly, we could tell you about Price Rogers Nelson, who is one renowned 90’s musician. We confirmed that news about the duo dating through various on-line portals as well.

Nona Gaye and Prince Rogers Nelson
Nona Gaye and Prince Rogers Nelson

In April 2016, Daily Mail, it was confirmed that Nona was dating Prince Rogers when she was in teenage. Even though the age gap between them was far more, say 16 years; they were spotted together in different places together at that time.

But there was news back in 2003. In November 2003, People, Nona and Prince Rogers split because of misunderstanding. When she was asked about the split, Nona replied the love to be infatuation. Further she also mentioned her heart to be shattered because of split.

We might also empathize her feeling as her ex-boyfriend proposed another girl named Mayte Garcia in front of her. One that she expected to make husband turned her love down and got a new girlfriend.

For now, Nona Gaye is not seen with any other person, so we might conclude her to be single. Also, there is no news of her getting married to someone. We cannot confirm the news as there is no real proof of her, and we cannot say she is married.

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