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A former real estate agent, Thomas James Burris is notorious for being the first husband of the legendary American singer and drummer, Karen Carpenter of Carpenters, who was gone too soon.

But, what made Burris’s marriage with Carpenter controversial? Is Thomas even alive today? If so, where is he today? Get your answers below.

Thomas James Burris & Karen Carpenter Were Married For 14 Months

Thomas James Burris met Karen Carpenter at a time when the singer who had made her own rules to never date and get into serious relationships as she thought relationships wouldn’t work out due to her busy schedule with work.

Thomas James Burris

But, that changed when her fate united Karen with Thomas despite their exaggerating nine years age gap. And, in August of 1980, following their whirlwind summer romance, Karen decided to exchange her marital vows with Thomas.

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Sadly, only after their marriage, Karen was able to see the real monstrous face of Thomas who had reportedly tortured her and only used her for his finance benefits. So, not only after fourteen months of their turbulent marriage, the two divorced.

Karen Carpenter & Thomas James Burris Divorce

Apparently, Thomas James Burris had used Karen Carpenter’s money amounting more than $50,000 but had also been abusive, and emotionally unavailable. Karen’s friend who met the duo later disclosed the information on how he had been emotionally detached and very weird.

Thomas James Burris married Karen Carpenter in 1980.
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Also, not to let it go, Thomas pressured into borrowing loan from Karen even when the singer was struggling on bond and stock. But, in September 1981, Karen decided it was enough and ended her marriage with Thomas during one and their final dinners alongside her families at a restaurant.

Karen then left her matrimony house following their split. And, nearly a year later in October 1982, Carpenter stepped up to file for divorce. Karen died a year later in 1983. But, where is Thomas today?

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Thomas Burris has mostly kept his personal lifestyle private from the public eyes. And, although whilst it’s not known whether he re-married or not, he was already a married and divorced man before he met Karen. Not to mention, he also shared an eighteen months old son with his former wife.

Quick Facts Of Thomas James Burris

  • Burris had vasectomized and often got into argument with Karen on the matter of having kids.
  • Carpenter left nothing to Burris with their divorce settlement whilst she left $20 million to her family.
  • Thomas is the former brother in law of Richard Lynn Carpenter.
  • Former son in law of Harold Bertram Carpenter & Agnes Reuwer.
  • Because We Are in Love was performed by Karen on their wedding with a tribute to Thomas.

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