People’s assumption grows intense when one of their favorite actresses plays an outstanding role as a lesbian. Janina Gavankar is an American actress who is best known for her lesbian role as Papi in The L Word. Flood of assumptions that Janina is a lesbian has been floating around for she has not apparently talked about her sexual orientation.

Despite the rumor of her being lesbian, she once was spotted sharing flirty tweets with Simon Cowell. So is Simon her boyfriend or is it just talk of the town? Get the details below.

Janina Gavankar And Simon Cowell Sharing Flirty Tweets!

Janina and the “X Factor” judge, Simon Cowell’s flirty tweets with each other caught the attention of media in 2012. Simon started the exchange of dialogue writing:

Janina replied:

And the tweet ended with Simon’s response:

Their tweets seemed playful which, was the base for the rumor about them dating. The base became strong when they were spotted outside of Cowell’s favorite LA haunt Cecconi as both of them left the trendy restaurant in West Hollywood.

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They were seen sitting in the back of a chauffeur-driven car. Janina is said to resemble Cowell’s ex-fiancé, Mechgan Hussainy. Later both of them deleted the tweets.

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Photo Caption: Janina and Simon spotted outside of Cowell’s favorite LA haunt Cecconi as they left the trendy restaurant in West Hollywood

Photo Credit: Daily News

To What Extent Is The Assumption Of Janina Being Lesbian True?

Janina has played roles that portray lesbian characters, and she does it so naturally convincing people that she is one of them. Though, she does not seem desperate to prove her sexuality as she keeps her personal life a low-key. Does this mean she is a lesbian in real life too?

The answer to this question as per About relationship is NO. Janina is not a lesbian, and she very much likes men. As she revealed her sexual orientation in an interview in June 2010, she said:

“I’m straight.,”  “I. Love. Men. I love men.”

Let’s hope this pacifies the curious minds of Janina’s fans. She is not a lesbian. Period!

Where did she Janina Come From?

Janina Gavankar was born (November 29, 1980) in Joliet, Illinois to Peter Ganesh and Mohra Gavankar. Her father traveled to the United States to pursue his Master’s degree whereas her mother immigrated to the United States from India.

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She has acted in theatre, film, television and online. Some of her remarkable works include Papi in The L Word,  Ms. Dewey, the namesake of the sought after trophy on The League;   the personification of a Microsoft live search engine; Shiva, and, most recently, as a shape-shifter, Luna Garza, on HBO’s True Blood. She regularly appears in Funny or Dies shorts and McKenna Hall in a recurring role in the first season of The Cw’s Arrow.

As the information about her husband lacks, neither has there been any news of her divorce nor any news of her being pregnant. This suggests that she is single at the moment. We hope she gets to meet her soul mate shortly.