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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameHarriet Tendler
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityWhite/Native American
  • ProfessionAuthor, Actress
  • Age89-year-old

If you are among the cliques of the cult classic, Death Wish (1974), then you need no introduction of its lead, Charles Bronson. The actor was a huge crush among the moviegoers in the 70s. Onto his personal life, the actor also had the relationship with some dazzling beauties from Hollywood.

Its been a while since we last said goodbye to Bronson. But some names related to him are still making their presence quite promising among the millennials. And one such name that lied next to the actor was that of an actress, Harriet Tendler. Know how she became Mrs. Bronson, their relationships, her recent doings, net worth and many more.

Harriet Tendler’ Wiki-Bio; Early Life, Current Age

Harriet Tendler was born in 1930 in the United States. As of now, she is already heading in her 90s. But to talk about her recent ongoings, she is still famous as a Radio Personality for working in KABC and KIEV in Los Angeles

Harriet Tendler
Harriet Tendler

Source: Getty Images

Harriet Tendler dates back to the days when even Clint Eastwood was looking for a big break in Hollywood. And the early life details about Tendler is still a big mystery.

As far as one is to know about her parents, it was only revealed once that she actually comes from a Jewish family of farmers.

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Nevertheless, after the small town, Harriet Tendler was never a valley girl. And her later relationships with the stallion actor, Charles Bronson only made people curious as to who this woman really was. So dig in it more about this in the section below.

Harriet Tendler Married Life and Children

Harriet Tendler was once a married woman.  As a matter of fact, her marital status was a big profile in itself.

She married an actor, Charles Bronson who you might know from the movie Once Upon a Time in the West, The Magnificent Seven, and The Dirty Dozens.

harriet with charles
harriet with Charles

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Onto their love journey, Harriet Tendler first met Charles Bronson at the Bessie V. Hicks School of Stage, Screen, and Radio in Philadelphia in 1947. Bronson, however at the time was part of a large Lithuanian family from an impoverished coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. At the time he was just out from the WWII as a tail gunner and was using the GI bill to study art and acting.

Tendler and Bronson married in 1949. And two years later, Bronson even went on to star in his first film. Life was good for the Tendler as she even became the mother to a daughter and a son with Bronson.

But Tendler’s marriage eventually collapsed when Bronson cheated her with another actress Jill Ireland while he was filming The Great Escape in Germany.

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Consequently, wife Tendler and husband Bronson divorced and later Bronson quickly remarried Jill. The separation was tabloid-fodder messy but Bronson wounded up as the world’s most bankable movie star throughout most of the 1970s.

As for now, the whereabouts of Tendler’s romantic zest is still much behind the curtains from public eyes. But she seems rather busy with her publishing work. And she also looks to be doing very fine with it.

Harriet Tendler’s Career and Net Worth

You probably wouldn’t know the name Harriet Tendler if it doesn’t come with the title Bronson after it. The truth is you would only be curious about Tendler if you are already a fan of classics like The Mechanic(1972), Death Wish(1974) and other movies of the veteran actor Charles Bronson.

Harriet Tendler
Harriet Tendler

Source: Geni

But what of the woman named Harriet Tendler with whom this rugged heartthrob was once married to?

Although an actress by profession, Harriet Tendler wasn’t much prevailing in the movies like her husband. Rather she actually held her career to focus on her then-husband’ pursuits.

Harriet Tendler’s career began only after her separation from Bronson. As after this she decided to reinvent herself and discover her niche in life.

After the divorce, Tendler found her own voice with a rewarding career as a radio talk show host on stations in Los Angeles. She was prominent with podium such as  KABC and KIEV in Los Angeles.

Tendler was prolific in interviewing non-celebrities who were, at the time, were gathering their own cults. One reviewer even dubbed her husky “purr” as the “best voice on late night radio.” Today, Tendler still loves drawing people out in conversations. “It’s in the blood,” she adds.

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Harriet Tendler also went on to become the author of three books,  including her newest, Charlie and Me, an account of her marriage to Charles Bronson.

And to conclude, she did just fine on her own. Even after the death of Bronson, she fairly reinvented herself more than just the ‘ex-Mrs famous’.

Tendler’s book about her marital life with her ex-husband, Charlie and Me, has become ‘a must read for every wife’. It is still among the highest rated books in Good Reads, Amazon, and Kindle as well. The book sits with an astounding price tag from around $10 a piece in Kindle to even $16 per copy on Amazon.

In the end, it might be safe to say that Harriet Tendler is still adding quite a revenue on to her personal net worth.