Moving on from a failed married life takes a lot of guts and courage as it’s quite traumatic to end a long relationship. Likewise Mrs. Eastwood & Company fame Francesca Eastwood also has been through a failed married life. But leaving all the awful past behind Francesca has now moved on with her new boyfriend. Don’t forget to check-out Francesca Eastwood boyfriend.

Many of her followers want to know if she is really married or is it just rumors. Also, know the reason for her divorce from her ex-husband. Details below of all the allegation and alimony the couple had in the past.

Francesca Eastwood Boyfriend

It took a lot of time, but finally, Francesca Eastwood has moved on in her life with a new boyfriend Alexander Wraith. The star is expecting her first child with beau Wraith. Moreover, the couple is not in rush to get married.

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she is very happy with her boyfriend and they are often spotted flashing a smile in late night dinners.

Francesca Eastwood Married life With Ex- Husband

Actor Clifton Collins Jr. is the one who has successfully won the heart of Francesca back in days.

The news of the couple first broke out in the mid of 2016, when out of the blue the couple shared a steamy kiss. Following a massive PDA moment, the couple made on the red carpet, the couple then shared a tender clinch and a kiss at the Beverly Hills bash.

Actress Francesca Eastwood and her boyfriend Clifton Collins Jr share a steamy kiss at an event in 2016.
Actress Francesca Eastwood and her boyfriend Clifton Collins Jr share a steamy kiss at an event in 2016.

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Now after dating for like a year, the couple has not stopped to show a PDA moment. And on their date night on January 2017 Francesca and her boyfriend Clifton were sported being quite intimidated to each other. Despite having an age gap, the relationship of the couple is going strong and has no issues their dating life.

Date Night! Actress Francesca Eastwood and her boyfriend Clifton Collins enjoys a date night together in L.A. in 2017.

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While the couple is having a blissful time together out of nowhere came the news of their wedding. The wedding news came as a surprise for the couple fans, and it is also mentioned in their respective wiki as well.

Though the couple has not uttered a  word and been vocal about their marriage news, many media have claimed the couple to be married. Now until and unless Francesca Eastwood and her boyfriend opened up of this news we are in a state of skepticism.

Francesca Eastwood Divorce Reason With Ex-Husband Revealed!

At a very young age, Francesca Eastwood had her wedding with her then-husband, Jordan Feldstein on 17th November 2013. was the first who covered Their marriage, and it stated that the nuptial was very low key. The couple has also not mentioned when they started dating each other and where they first met.

But only after being married for like a week the couple filed for a shocking divorce right! A source close to the couple stated in an interview that both the parties have regrets for their wedding. In their statement they said;

‘Francesca had immediate regrets. We shot [filmed] her the day after the nuptials and she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

the source further stated;

‘We shot Clint Eastwood a few weeks ago asking for marriage advice and he told our photographer to not rush into anything.’

Plus many of the sources close to the couple who were present at the wedding said that alcohol was a huge reason in the ill-fated nuptials. The lack of the couple compatibility in relationship ended the short-lived married life of the couple. Further details of the divorce were kept very secret by the ex-couple and their family.

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