There are pros and cons for being a celebrity as you get famous on the one hand but on another hand, you also get unwanted attention of all kinds whether you like it or not. And for someone like Gisselle Bravo who works as a model, T.V. and a radio host, it is quite hard to do on a regular basis.

Though it seems as time goes on, the pretty lady has been managing to handle it just fine and it’s a piece of cake for her now these days. But that’s about her professional life, what about her personal life? Is she dating someone? Perhaps married? or still single? You will find it all out shortly!

Who Is Gisselle Bravo?

Gisselle Bravo is a Mexican-American television presenter and model. Likewise, she worked as the commentator for Fox Sports and also worked as the weather forecaster for the Liberman Broadcasting Network.–MMZAFwz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Currently, she works as the radio host in the morning show Don Cheto. Besides, Bravo began her modeling career at the age of 5 and also won the Nuestra Belleza Jalisco USA 2012 and Miss Nuestra Cultura 2012.

How Is Gisselle Bravo’s Personal Life? Is She Dating, Married, Or Single?

Gisselle Bravo does not appear to be dating anyone and likely single right now. Furthermore, she is also not married yet. There is not much the beautiful model opens up about when it comes to her love life which goes for her both present and past.

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The model, however, bragged that her boyfriend was the Mexican national football team player Javier Hernandez in 2010. Later, people found out that she was just playing with them.

On her Instagram account, the charming radio host flaunts her gorgeous looks and seemingly perfect figure to her fans. She is most certainly single right now but things could change in a matter of days, who knows she might get a suitable partner someday soon. Don’t you think so?

Most of the time busy with her works as a model and as a television and radio host, she is a busy lady. While not working, she spends time alone and goes out to places of her choice. There is no question she is having a great time of her life. Who needs a partner when you’re having the time of your life, right?

How Much Is Gisselle Bravo’s Net Worth?

Gisselle Bravo has a net worth of $600 Thousand which she made from her professional acting career. Usually, the average salary of a model in the US is $21.21 hour and around $42,180 in a year whereas a television host receives around $20.17 per hour and $55,593 annually.

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Having worked for news channel like Fox Sports, she surely racked in a substantial sum of bucks. As a popular model and a social media star, she boasts a good fan following on her social media especially Instagram where she also earns a good sum of money.

Check out the clip of Gisselle at a show!

Giselle makes an estimated $1,065 – $1,775 per promotional post from her 357 Thousand followers on Instagram. Seeing her daily life, few would disagree that she lives a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle alone.

Body Measurements: Gisselle Bravo

Gisselle Bravo stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters). Similarly, both her eyes and hair are dark brown in color.

Quick Facts: Gisselle Bravo

Where and when was Gisselle Bravo born?

Guadalajara, Mexico May 15

What is Gisselle Bravo’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Gisselle Bravo belong to?


What is Gisselle Bravo’zodiac sign?


Which color eyes does Gisselle Bravo’s have?

Dark Brown 

What is Gisselle Bravo’s hair color?

Dark Brown

How tall is Gisselle Bravo?

5 feet 2 inches.


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