Breaking News: Michael Phelps and Great White Shark Races Against Each Other! Who Prevailed?

Michael Phelps races against the white shark! He loses or prevailed?
Born NameMichael Fred Phelps II
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Height1.94 m
Eye ColorHazel
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionSwimmer, Actor
WifeNicole Johnson (m. 2016)
Net Worth$55 million
Weight90 kg
Age33 years
SiblingWhitney Phelps (sister), Hilary Phelps (sister)
ParentsMichael Fred Phelps (father), Deborah Phelps (mother)

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Olympic gold medalist “Michael Phelps” latest setback aired on Sunday night where he loses the much-hyped “race” against a great white shark. The competition was featured on Discovery’s “Shark Week” program entitled: “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White.”

Caption: Michael Phelp races against a white shark.

The final result of the contest came in favor of the white shark. Michael Phelp reached the finish line in 38.1 seconds, but the shark reached only in 36.1 seconds, prevailing over the race. The event occurred in South Africa, and it was a 100m. race.

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However, the race was not between the two. Michael swam alone in the water. There was no real shark whom Phelp competed. The race was a time-trial style. In reality, the scientist calculated the speed of the white shark and measured the time taken to complete 100m.

This measurement was compared with the swimming legend “Michael Phelp’s” performance according to SI. His white competitor was a CGI version of a shark, which was superimposed over the Phelp.

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Michael Phelp’s Opinion on The Race

Michael Phelp talked about the race on 20 July 2017, with “Good Morning America” where he stated:

We’re not in the water at the same exact time. I think that’s the one thing we all – we want everyone to know — I was safe, which was number one. I had 12 to 14 divers underneath me when we were doing the race.

Phelp had a warm-up before the race where he competed against the reef shark (whom he beat actually) and a hammerhead shark:

Caption: Phelp had a warm-up race with reef shark and a hammerhead shark.

Michael Phelps, swim no faster than 6 miles an hour. Great white sharks hit 25 mph. Phelp wore a wetsuit that was 1 millimeter thick and a monofin, which acted as a tail and let him swim faster than his world-record times. But he still was nowhere near the shark’s top speed.

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Michael posted a tweet where he explains he will have a rematch against the white shark on 23 July 2017:

Caption: Phelp looks for a rematch with the great white shark, 23 July 2017.

It was completely a race between the two different species which got a high expectation and millions of viewers. Let’s see whether Michael Phelp will be able to surpass the speed of white shark next time or not.