If you are regular in watching TV shows, you must know who Georgie Thompson is. She is the presenter of ‘Fighting Talk’ that is aired from FOX sports network. Thompson recently turned to parent and is living blissfully with her child and husband.

Georgie Thompson is married to Sir Ben Ainslie in the year 2014 and welcomed a child in the year 2016. The duo is overjoyed and is taking some time in preparation of being good parents. Let’s now go through all the facts about Georgie Thompson being a parent and also about their wedding!

Congratulations Georgie! A Baby is Always a Bundle of Joy!

Georgie and Ben recently turned to parents. They were expecting baby since their marriage, but the real happiness acquainted them on 16th July 2016. The news was pretty much joyful, which was first shared to LandRoverBAR, through twitter.

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Her husband, Ben quickly retweeted the tweet and exposed his happiness. He further mentioned about his achievement in his professional life as well as personal life. Her child, Bellatrix is living blissfully and Thompson is off the media now.

In 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, Bellatrix Ainslie.


The Wedding Ceremony: Georgie Thompson Married Ben Ainslie

In the year 2014, October 7, Ben’s twitter was full of surprises. He revealed about his engagement with Georgie for the first time.

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After exactly a month later, in December, the duo got married. They tied a knot of belief and understanding and became one for the rest of their time.

The duo’s wedding ceremony held in West London. They booked Hampton Court for a day and invited all their relatives, and friends. Later, Thompson reacted about her wedding with Hello magazine like:

‘Our meeting was like thunderbolt; we met through close friends and later became partners.’

In early 2016, the rumors and news about Georgie being pregnant became viral. Later she herself claimed to be pregnant. Also, most of the people were convinced about the news to be fact as her bump was seen by the mass public while the couple was shopping.