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Rumours and Facts: British TV Host Gabby Logan Married Life and Extra-Marital Affair

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No matter which type of person there is; the feeling of being together always comes in mind of lovers. Whatever it may happen in future, the duo always seems to be supportive towards each other. We are here talking about similar duo who were together even when rumours about extra-marital affair was around. Today, we are discussing about British TV host Gabby Logan married life and all the rumours about affairs.

Gabby Logan Married Life: Husband and Children

Logan married Kenny, well known Scottish player in the year 2001. Kenny is the person who is suffering from Dyslexia, thus cannot read or write. Gabby is not bothered by this problem though. She loves her husband even more as they are meant to be together.

Gabby Logan and Kenny Logan Children
Gabby Logan and Kenny Logan Children

In 2005, 4 years after being married, they gave birth to twin children and named them Reuben and Lois. The delivery of the children was not normal; Gabby went through serious struggle between life and death due to heavy blood loss and Kenny was serious and depressed.

Rumours and Facts: Gabby Logan’s Extra Marital Affair with Alan Shearer

In 2011, Daily Mail, there was a post describing Gabby’s extra marital affair with Alan Shearer that went viral on Twitter. Not long after that, Gabby was highly seen on social media with much of attention. She made statement:

“I thought it to be funny as it is funny. But, it went viral more like a virus.”

Gabby Logan with husband Kenny Logan

Gabby was not much influenced by this fake news, but was highly criticized by her fans and followers. Therefore, she was forced to tweet about the news being faked through her twitter account.

Kenny Logan’s Reaction on Gabby-Alan Affair News

Kenny Logan, Gabby’s husband went through depression at first when the post went viral. Thus, he went to have a talk with Alan. He was furious enough to threaten him, when Alan understood what is happening with him, and handled him. Later on it was found out that all the pictures of Gabby and Alan through Photo-shop.