Marissa Hermer is Pregnant
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Marissa Hermer is Pregnant Again! This Businesswoman is Expecting Third Baby!

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The beautiful businesswoman of London, Marissa Hermer is pregnant yet again. It is the third time something good happened to her. She seems healthy, but is currently going through severe pain and struggle in her third pregnancy period. Her partner Matt and she do not want to celebrate this joyful moment and celebrate either.

Pregnant But Not So Joyful? What’s The Reason?

The real reason might be because of placenta accrete which she diagnosed earlier. Further she also explained why pregnancy period is so harmful for her. She is living in fear about her ‘not-born’ child to be miscarried.

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The word ‘miscarriage’ is hitting her mind so hard that she couldn’t even celebrate the joy of having new child. Once in an interview with Celebrity People, she shared her thoughts and pain:

‘I have faced this type of problems few times before, and we do not want it to happen again. My life might be circling through this whole time.’

Moreover, she also mentioned something about this with Hello Magazine:

‘My daily routine for now has become more difficult, all I can do is cry!’

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All things changed when she gave birth to her second child named Sadie in April, 2016. She started her daily routine and started working on her own. Even though, she sometime used to cry for what happened to her before.

But this time, her pregnancy period was not so like before. She was busy in her work than before. She started posting pictures in Instagram to keep her mind free from problems.

Supporting Hand: Her Husband Matt Hermer is The One!

Marissa’s husband Matt Hermer is the only supporting hand for her. Her friends are too supporting but Matt was the only one who became backbone for minimizing her pain. We can see the bond in her instagram account as well.

As of today, Marissa is blessed with two children with one upcoming child. The third pregnancy period seems to be like rollercoaster for her, but also she haves Matt by her side.