Ed Helms is supposed to be a gay. What are the grounds? Ed Helms supports gay rights along with the rights of the LGBT community. Do you have to become a gay to support gay rights?

Like, even men can support women rights. You don’t have to become an animal to advocate animal rights! Anyway, he has not confirmed his sexuality openly.

In addition to his support for the LGBT, Ed Helms has also kept his married life in mystery. Except for a few rumors on dating a blonde girlfriend secretly, there are no strong proofs to verify whether Ed Helms is dating a girlfriend or if he is married and lives with his wife.

Don’t worry; we have brought some important information on everything about his love and gay life along with his height and net worth in this short Ed Helms wiki.

Is Ed Helms Dating A Girlfriend Or Married Secretly? Why Gay Rumors?

The fact that Ed Helms is unmarried at the age of 43 is hardly believable!

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Caption: Ed Helms kissing his co-actor in movie  “Hopeless Wanderer.”

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No sources claim he is married or is secretly dating a girlfriend. Except for some sudden dating photos revealed with a blonde woman, Ed Helms keeps his entire love affair and married life in a mystery.

Rumors say he is a gay, but he has neither justified nor falsified the rumors. Of course, he is a supporter of gay and LGBT community, but he has not come out openly as a gay. No news of his boy mates also.

Mere support of gay rights and the LGBT movements can’t justify him as a gay. His support comes out of his moral responsibility for a more inclusive society and the alternative forms of sexuality.


Ed Helms Wiki: From Age To Wife And Married Life

Ed Helms was born on January 24, 1974. He is about to cross the age of 43. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Ed Helms has a towering height of 1.83m/6ft.

There are no reliable sources which verify he is married and has a wife. A few followers say he is living with his recent wife and rarely appears with her on public gatherings. Let’s hope he breaks his silence on his married status and lets everybody know who his girlfriend or wife is.

Ed Helms Net Worth

Ed Helms is equally popular on the big screen and TV shows. The Hangover (2009), The Office (2006-2013), Vacation (2015), and The Daily Show (2002-2015) made him famous among the choosy audience. His new TV movie The Fake News with Ted Helms (2017) is under post-production and has already garnered millions of viewers.

With his 74 credits as an actor, 16 credits for a soundtrack, 10 credits as a producer, 5 credits as a writer, and 1 credit each for director and music department, Ed Helms gets a good amount of royalty every year.

As of 2017, Ed Helms net worth is $20 million and is likely to grow in the coming years.

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